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[Industry News] Micoe Heat Pump Livelihood Heating Projects
Heat pump is a kind of equipment that uses the principle of heat transfer to realize heating and cooling. It absorbs heat energy from low temperature heat source and transfers it to high temperature heat source to realize heating. Instead, it can absorb heat energy from a high temperature environmen
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[Industry News] Micoe Heat Pump Service Benchmarking Project
The commercial complex of Times City, Liaoning Province, China, integrates six core functions of commercial retail, supermarket, business office, hotel and catering, apartment and residential, comprehensive entertainment. Micoe provides clean energy solutions, which is also the heating, cooling and
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[Industry News] Micoe creates a comfortable living hot water system for Aksu Vocational and Technical College
1 Project Background The new campus construction project of Aksu Vocational and Technical College is one of the key livelihood projects in the region. The construction site is located in the west of College of Science and Technology of Xinjiang University (Aksu Campus) and north of Xuefu Road. The
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[Industry News] ​What are the differences between inverter heat pumps and fixed frequency heat pump?
With the improvement of consumers' environmental protection concept and health awareness, the trend of energy-saving products comes rapidly. With the improvement of the quality of life, many people will install air energy heat pumps in their homes. And the most common is fixed frequency heat pump an
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[Industry News] ​What is a swimming pool heat pump?
What is a swimming pool heat pump?Many people advocate environmental protection and health. To keep up with the needs of the times, in the design and planning of swimming pools, many people aim at high efficiency and environmental protection, and the swimming pool heat pump is a very important part
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