A heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from a low-level heat source to a high-level heat source. Heat pumps usually first obtain low-grade heat energy from natural air, water or soil, then use electricity to do work, and then provide people with usable high-grade heat energy. 
The eco swimming pool heat pump has certain advantages in energy saving, low carbon, and reducing operating costs. It can completely use the heat from the evaporated water vapor on the surface of the swimming pool to supplement the heat energy required by the system. The swimming pool heat pump uses the principle of reverse Carnot cycle. This technology is environmentally friendly. It can be said that the heating effect is very obvious. Whether it is air heat storage or system integration, it has strong work efficiency. From the perspective of environmental protection, high efficiency swimming pool heat pump not only plays a role in making full use of energy, but also avoids the pollution problem of greenhouse gas emissions, and also saves the application of electric energy. To warm the water in the swimming pool, a larger hot water capacity is required.
As a professional heat pump manufacturer, MICOE has a wide range of pool machine heat pumps, including domestic and commercial heat pumps, DC and frequency conversion pool machines. We can also customize the pool machine heat pump according to your needs.

How Do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work

The swimming pool heat pump is integrated in the constant temperature and humidity equipment, and the fan of the equipment draws warm and humid air from the swimming pool room. The air flows through the evaporator coil, and the heat energy is transferred to the refrigerant. After the liquid refrigerant flows through the evaporator, it becomes a gaseous state, and then enters the compressor of the equipment, where it is compressed into a high-humidity gaseous refrigerant. When entering the compressor, the refrigerant absorbs the energy used to operate the compression, and this high-humidity gaseous refrigerant flows through the air reheating coil and the pool water condenser.

How Do Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Work

When the swimming pool heat pump heats the air, the air reheating coil is used. The high-humidity gaseous refrigerant exchanges energy with the cooler air from the evaporator, and transfers the heat energy to the air, so that the air temperature rises to achieve the heating purpose, and then The heated air is sent to the swimming pool.
When the swimming pool heat pump heats the swimming pool water, the high-humidity gaseous refrigerant flows into the pool water condenser and transfers the heat to the water entering the swimming pool. After the heated water returns to the swimming pool, the swimming pool heat pump completes the pool water heating process.

How Should I Choose Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Preparation before design and selection
When heating the pool water, there are two situations: one is the initial heating of the pool water, and the other is the constant temperature heating of the pool water. It must be clear that our selection of swimming pool machines for swimming pool water heating is based on the maximum load of both the initial heating load and the constant temperature heating load of the swimming pool.
Specific information about the location of the project
The basic situation of the swimming pool : Pool Size (Length*Width*Length), Pool target temp, Cold water feeding temp, Ambient temp, Humidity, Wind speed
The basic situation of the swimming pool complex (such as area, floor height, glass surface, etc.)
The location of the computer room (and whether the power supply capacity is sufficient, etc.)
The placement of the unit
Pool water heating, heat loss, and water supplement calculation


The use of new environmentally friendly refrigerants does not destroy the ozone layer and protects the living space of human beings.


Titanium heat exchanger ensures high heat transfer efficiency and remarkable energy saving effect.


Adopt a new design of microcomputer control system. Simple and fully automatic operation.


The ultra-stable air source heat pump system uses high-quality compressors to achieve low-energy long-lasting thermal energy conversion, and fully realizes the stable output of hot water in all seasons, all periods, and all scenarios.


Micoe swimming pool heat pumps create a high-quality, constant-temperature and comfortable environment for your swimming pool.


Automatic defrost. Energy-saving and electricity-saving, daily use costs less.
  • Check whether the compressor has process defects

    Generally, for new unit equipment and newly replaced compressors, check the compressor electricity and whether there are process defects, and carry out unit equipment debugging in advance. Otherwise, the unit will malfunction soon after use.
  • It is forbidden to use the compressor to vacuum

    Air has certain insulating properties. If the compressor is evacuated, it will cause the electrode in the closed container to prevent electricity and cause the compressor to malfunction.
  • Give the compressor enough cooling time.

    After a period of operation of the compressor, the body heats up. After the unit stops running, the compressor will slowly stop operating. If the unit and the compressor are started quickly, the compressor motor coil will not be properly cooled and the unit will operate again. The return air temperature of the compressor interacts with the exhaust temperature, which will cause certain damage to the compressor.
  • Clean the metal shavings in the winding in time.

    During the operation of the air-conditioning unit, some fine metal shavings will be generated, and the metal shavings will remain in the windings. When the compressor starts, the windings oscillate slightly under the influence of electromagnetic force, and the metal shavings in between will cause friction between the movements of the two, which will cut the insulation layer of the circuit envelope and cause the circuit to short circuit, which affects the motor and other units. The normal operation of the device.
  • Clean up the refrigeration system in time

    If the compressor is burned and not treated in time, the strong acid generated by the damaged compressor system will have an effect in the system. The residual strong acid will corrode the new compressor, destroy the motor insulation layer, and continue to burn the new compressor And air conditioning system. Therefore, if the compressor is burned out, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the refrigeration system before replacing it with a new compressor instead of directly replacing it.
  • Check whether the compressor contactor is faulty.

    Compressor's starting contactor malfunctions, which may cause excessive resistance, excessive starting current, or poor line contact, etc., which will affect the compressor, and short circuit will burn the compressor.
  • Pay attention to the jamming of the rotating parts of the compressor.

    In general, if the thermal protector of the unit fails or the suction and exhaust valves are not closed tightly, it may cause the compressor to jam. In this case, immediately check whether the power circuit is normal, whether the compressor is short of oil, and whether the suction and exhaust are normal, etc. , Respond in time, the motor protection failure will cause the compressor to burn out due to overload.
  • It is forbidden to start the compressor frequently.

    Frequent start-up of air-conditioning units and excessively high compressor start frequency will cause the compressor temperature to rise and fall, and the compressor system is prone to fatigue damage. Although the air conditioning unit is equipped with a step-down start, the current at the start will exceed the rated current. The operating temperature of the compressor under excessively high current start rises quickly. If the temperature of the air conditioning unit is set to be too high or too low, it will cause the compressor to switch on and off frequently. If this happens, the service life of the compressor will be greatly reduced. The compressor can be said to be the heart of the swimming pool heat pump dehumidification unit. Once the heart is damaged, the life of the unit will not be long.
  • Clear the moisture in the copper pipe of the air conditioner.

    The water contained in the copper pipe of the air conditioner is not cleaned. If the water remains in the copper pipe system, it will lead to poor insulation of the compressor. The system refrigerant refrigerating oil is mixed with water, which produces acidic properties under the interaction of high temperature and low temperature, and the motor insulation layer will be corroded and damaged. The motor will burn out after a long time.
  • Ensure the stability of current and voltage during the operation of the unit.

    The operation of the unit is mainly driven by the compressor. If the current and voltage in the operating procedures are unstable, high or low, it will affect the compressor. If the compressor runs under the condition of excessive voltage for a long time, the compressor will be in an inefficient and overheated state. Can not effectively prevent the current from passing, and the motor windings are easily burned out. In addition, the unstable current will also increase the energy consumption of the motor, resulting in excessively high temperature of the compressor coil and easily burned out.

What Swimming Pool Heat Pumps Information Should You Interested

  • Causes and solutions for non-operating fan and frost on the evaporator

    The reasons for the fan not rotating and the evaporator frosting are as follows: 1. Bad coil sensor; 2. Bad fan capacitance; 3. Bad motor.
    The troubleshooting methods are as follows: 1. Judge by querying parameters (replace the coil sensor); 2. Replace the fan capacitor; 3. Replace the motor.
  • Causes and solutions for high voltage failures

    The reasons for the high pressure failure are as follows: ⒈The water tank temperature sensor is not placed correctly, which leads to accurate temperature detection; ⒉The water tank sensor is bad; ⒊The high pressure switch is broken; ⒋The system is blocked; 5. The stop valve is not opened or not fully opened.
    The troubleshooting methods are as follows: ⒈Detect the actual temperature of the water tank, if the detected temperature is higher than the displayed temperature, the sensor needs to be replaced; 2. Replace the water tank sensor; 3. If the pressure is normal, the pressure switch is broken, replace the pressure switch; 4. Check the high pressure of the system If the pressure is too high, the throttling element is blocked, and the system is cleaned; 5. Fully open the shut-off valve.
  • Causes and solutions for the failure of excessive exhaust

    There are three reasons for the failure of excessive exhaust gas: ⒈ fluorine leakage and lack of fluorine in the system; ⒉ blockage in the system; ⒊ bad exhaust sensor.
    The troubleshooting methods are as follows: ⒈Check the actual discharge temperature of the compressor and the high pressure of the system. The discharge temperature will be high, low pressure will not necessarily be low, high pressure will be low, use foam check points to make up leaks and fluoride; ⒉ use nitrogen to clean the system , Replace the throttling element, add a detachable filter before the throttling element; ⒊ Replace the exhaust temperature sensor when the temperature is normal.
  • Causes and solutions for the failure of the water flow switch

    The cause of the failure of the water flow switch is either a problem with the parameter setting or the water flow port is not short-circuited.
    The troubleshooting methods are as follows: 1 reset the parameters and short-circuit the water flow port.

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