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Micoe creates a comfortable living hot water system for Aksu Vocational and Technical College

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1 Project Background

The new campus construction project of Aksu Vocational and Technical College is one of the key livelihood projects in the region. The construction site is located in the west of College of Science and Technology of Xinjiang University (Aksu Campus) and north of Xuefu Road. The planned land area is 927,826 square meters (about 1391 mu), and the construction area is 131,024 square meters, including 25 single buildings. The total investment of the project is 650 million yuan.


The project implementation, not only can meet 10 departments (department) and hospital authority all moved to the new campus of running a school, planning full-time students 8000 people, adult diploma education student 5000 people scale of demand, and to vigorously promote local vocational training of aksu area rapid sustained, healthy and stable development, is the rational allocation of teaching resources, aksu region To improve the expansion of the teaching scale of important measures.

Aksu City is the central city of southern Xinjiang. After the completion of the project, it can not only give full play to Aksu's unique regional advantages and educational radiation influence, promote the economic and social development of southern Xinjiang, but also conform to the idea of optimization and adjustment of the layout structure of universities in the autonomous region, and conform to the law and trend of higher education development.

The school has nine dormitory buildings, each floor equipped with public bathrooms, with a planned hot water consumption of 30 tons per building. In order to better life for all the teachers and students to build infrastructure, Micoe using pressure air source heat pump system, with ultra-low temperature + volume type electric water heater, air source heat pump pressure tank enamel form, using a modular composition, automation control, the integrated use of hot and cold homologous water supply technology, pressure distribution of thermal storage technology, water tank energy gradient utilization technology, etc., While improving the comfort of water consumption, we will further improve the efficiency, maximize energy saving, and bring all teachers and students comfortable water consumption experience.

2 Project Configuration


Micoe for xinjiang aksu new vocational and technical college campus to make living hot water system, the 36 sets of ultra-low temperature air source heat pump + 36 sets of 45 kw volumetric heating water tank + 360 500 400 l l confined water tank, distribution in 9 dormitory roof, 9 points system, design meet the demand of 300 tons of hot water, the system USES the remote network control, Good operation, smooth water supply.


This project adopts Micoe air source heat pump pressure system to solve the traditional non-pressure commercial solar hot water and heating system serious heat waste, poor hygiene grade, high maintenance cost, hot water sometimes hot and sometimes cold, winter heating and other problems.

3 System Advantages


Micoe air source heat pump pressure system all uses modular pressure enamel heat storage water tank, the whole system is a closed pressure system, which has obvious advantages.

Experience more comfortable, stable operation. The outlet water temperature should be kept above 50. Hot water storage, reduce the problem of hot and cold mixing between water tanks, so as to solve the problem of water supply temperature fluctuation caused by system replenishment, at the same time, the outflow pressure is the same as tap water, avoid the phenomenon of hot and cold caused by water pressure imbalance;


Water more assured, eliminate secondary pollution. Pressure system single water tank volume is small, in the circulation is more sufficient, thorough, heat distribution is more uniform. At the same time, there is no stagnant water area, the closed system avoids the direct contact between the hot water and the environment, no secondary pollution;


Use more energy saving, energy saving effect is obvious. Compared with the traditional open system, the pressure system saves the high-power water supply booster pump, the heat loss of the pressure water tank is lower than that of the open water tank, and the comprehensive energy saving of the system is more than 14.8%.


Create a green campus, care for the growth of students. Up to now, Micoe has successfully provided heating and hot water solutions for more than 1046 schools, including Hebei University of Economics and Business, Submarine Academy of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, the Second Huimin Middle School of Guanghe County in Linxia, Gansu Province, Dahejia Middle School in Jishishan County in Linxia, Gansu Province, and many other school cases, which have been well received by teachers and students.



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