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Micoe Heat Pump Livelihood Heating Projects

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Heat pump is a kind of equipment that uses the principle of heat transfer to realize heating and cooling. It absorbs heat energy from low temperature heat source and transfers it to high temperature heat source to realize heating. Instead, it can absorb heat energy from a high temperature environment and transfer it to a low temperature environment to achieve refrigeration. Here are some perspectives on current trends and future developments in heat pumps.

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With the enhancement of energy problems and environmental protection awareness, heat pump technology has received more and more attention in the energy field. In the future, heat pumps will continue to develop in the direction of high energy efficiency and low energy consumption to meet energy conservation and emission reduction requirements.

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As a technology that can replace traditional heating and cooling methods, heat pumps have lower carbon emissions and greenhouse gas emission risks. In the context of combating climate change and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, heat pumps are expected to play an important role in replacing traditional energy equipment.

With the rise of smart home and building concepts, heat pumps will also develop in the direction of intelligence. By combining with the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence technology, heat pumps can achieve remote monitoring and intelligent regulation, improving energy efficiency and user experience.

As a leading brand in the heat pump industry and a comprehensive low-carbon clean energy service provider, Micoe has long been involved in the construction of the national people's livelihood by converting coal to electricity, playing the role of a comprehensive low-carbon clean energy service provider and providing efficient clean energy services.


Due to the dispersion of rural households, complex pipeline layout and high cost, so the rural coal to electricity is generally based on flexible household equipment. However, for relatively concentrated rural areas and good implementation conditions, centralized heating is also a technical path to solve people's heating. Centralized heating eliminates the user's installation, maintenance and other problems, the user's home only needs to install the end of the heating equipment can be, the user is more convenient, the heating effect is more guaranteed, the heating cost is reasonable.

Compared with cities, rural areas have more abundant renewable energy such as wind energy and Luminous Energy, and clean heating has a broader space for display. The industry has proposed that the direction of clean heating in rural areas is smart heating, the construction of rural energy stations, and the realization of zero-carbon rural areas through multi-energy linkage, multi-heat compound, multi-source integration and other technologies.

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In terms of centralized heating in rural areas, Micoe also has a mature implementation, including village-level heating stations, heating transformation of government units, and heating transformation of public buildings. Micoe is equipped with CAS intelligent control system, coupled with clean energy and technology such as photovoltaic & solar & hydrogen energy & energy storage, and the construction of air source heat pump distributed intelligent energy station, relying on big data platform, more than 100 core algorithms and other technologies for intelligent regulation of heating system, accurate temperature control, on-demand heating, to achieve a balance between heat source and demand side. Save operation and maintenance cost and guarantee heating effect.



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