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​What are the differences between inverter heat pumps and fixed frequency heat pump?

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With the improvement of consumers' environmental protection concept and health awareness, the trend of energy-saving products comes rapidly. With the improvement of the quality of life, many people will install air energy heat pumps in their homes. And the most common is fixed frequency heat pump and variable frequency heat pump, so what is the difference between the two? What are the advantages of inverter air source heat pump compared with fixed frequency heat pump?


1. The Inverter air source heat pumps save more energy than fixed-frequency air energy heat pumps

The traditional constant frequency air energy heat pump constant frequency air source heat pump is to control the room temperature by controlling the compressor start/stop. Because the power supply frequency can not be changed, the speed of the compressor of fixed frequency air energy will not change basically, such as the compressor will stop working after the room temperature reaches the set temperature, and will start to work on the contrary. Such frequent startup and shutdown, not only affect the life of the compressor, but also consume more electricity.

The inverter air energy heat pump can automatically adjust the compressor power according to the environment and water temperature changes, and will not shut down after reaching the set temperature, but automatically turn into low-frequency operation, and the energy saving effect is far better than the fixed-frequency heat pump.

2. The Inverter air heat pump heating faster

Inverter air energy heat pump can adjust the working efficiency of the compressor, improve the heat of the compression mechanism, and achieve rapid heating under the condition of high frequency operation of the compressor. Compared with the fixed-frequency air energy heat pumps, Micoe inverter air heat pumps can have a great amount of heat, so that the continuous heat capacity is super.

heating heat pump

3.Variable frequency air energy heat pump is more suitable for low temperature environment

Air energy water heater is subject to the principle of air energy heating, heating efficiency decreases with the decrease of temperature. The inverter air water heater realizes the compressor work efficiency is controllable, when in the low temperature environment, the compressor can run high frequency, greatly improves the heating efficiency of the air energy water heater, to ensure the normal heating in the low temperature environment.

Micoe inverter air heat pump adopts intelligent control full DC frequency conversion heating system, and R410a refrigerant support, effectively broaden the air energy low temperature operating environment, in low temperature state than ordinary air energy heating efficiency increased by more than 50%. It has been successfully applied to thousands of cases in residential communities, hospitals, factories, hotels and so on.

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