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As time moves on, more advanced pre-heating solar geyser design has developed in order to meet market needs. An excellent pre-heating solar geyser design must including following features, including easy installation, convenient usage and wide applications and so on. Now let’s see the detailed information about excellent pre-heating solar geyser design. First of all, the installation of pre-heating solar geyser must be designed easily. Solar heating systems with a geyser and solar heat collector panels will take less than one day to install. In the world where science and technology has developed into a high level, the easy installation design must be a small case. Reliable pre-heating solar geyser manufacturers must spare no effort to use the latest technology to ensure an easy installation.

What’s more, the usage of pre-heating solar geyser must be designed conveniently. The usage of pre-heating solar geyser mostly depends on the working principle of pre-heating solar geyser. A typical system has three major components: a solar collector, a transfer medium and a storage container. The solar collector absorbs solar radiation and transfers the energy, in the form of heat, to the fluid within it. This fluid is the transfer medium. In a direct system, the transfer medium is the potable water from the storage container. In an indirect system, the transfer fluid is generally a mix of water and glycol, which passes the energy to the storage container via an isolating heat exchanger. In areas in South Africa where temperatures drop to below freezing (4°C), an indirect system is recommended. As with a conventional geyser, the hot water storage container is thermally insulated to retain heat. Solar geysers are usually larger than electric geysers and better insulated. This allows you to maximize your solar gains.

Last but not least, pre-heating solar geyser design should include wide application. Not only used in household, ordinary families or apartments, pre-heating solar geyser can be used in many other industries. There are two main types of pre-heating solar geyser design, that’s flat-plate collectors and vacuum tube collector. A flat-plate collector has a transparent cover made of specially toughened glass, a coated metal absorber plate (coating is usually matt black paint), and a well-insulated weatherproof casing. Flat collectors are robust, economical, and versatile. Vacuum-tube collectors consist of a series of glass tubes connected together. Vacuum tubes work well with low radiation. They can often produce higher temperatures in applications such as hot water heating, steam production and air conditioning. Excellent pre-heating solar geyser design should include these features above. If you want to learn more about pre-heating solar geyser, you can visit for more information.



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