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Testing Facilities

Solar simulator Lab
(Jointly researched and developed with Germany Fraunhofer ISE Solar Energy Research Institute and Germany PSE company, this machine can greatly simulate natural solar spectrum, and make the R&D of solar products not be influenced by weather, which is the most advanced indoor test facility for solar thermal products.)

Movable type solar collector and system testing device
(Imported with original package, sophisticated device, and system flow meter is adopted Cologne mass flow meter, which has high measurement accuracy; Controlling temperature by heat exchanger and electric heater to keep stable temperature, indicators rank the first in solar thermal industry, and greatly meet research needs from company and industry in the field of medium solar collectors.)

Test board for heat transfer performance of solar gravity heat pipe
(The only heat pipe testing facility approved by CNSA laboratory and owning completely independent intellectual property rights, and mainly used for heat pipe starting test, temperature difference test, maximum transmission power test, thermal balance test etc. and comprehensive performance of metal gravity heat pipe.)

Photometer UV-3600
(Japan Shimadzu is the unique testing system all over the world, which has the characteristics of high sensitivity, high distinguish-ability and good repeatability, and used for test absorption value, transmittance, reflectance or energy value of all kinds of materials(flake, powder materials, liquid substances) under the normal temperature conditions, now this device is mainly used for measuring absorption ratio of spectrum selective absorption coating and transmittance of metal materials.)

High Precision Computerized Glass Dilatometer
(it is used to measure the coefficient of thermal expansion for all kinds of glasses, ceramics, and metals.)

High Precision Computerized Glass Dilatometer
( It is used to measure the stress of the glass tubes - the raw material of the vacuum tube.)

The Remote Control Center of the Solar Water Heater Project
(It is used to provide the value-added service to customers by real-time monitoring, remote control, early warning and remote diagnosis. It can help us to obtain the operating data and conditions of the client’s system at any time, to provide the comprehensive service such as the equipment maintenance and winter maintenance recommendations, the pipeline insulation replacement reminding, the bad weather emergency measures, fault detection, warning and diagnosis, as well as the energy-saving and emission-reduction data collation.)

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