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Successful Groundbreaking Ceremony for Micoe Heat Pump Zero Carbon Lab Building

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On August 16, the groundbreaking ceremony of Micoe Heat Pump Zero Carbon experimental Building was held in Lianyungang Headquarters, marking another important step in the development of heat pump technology by Micoe.


Li Jiang, chairman of China Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Industry Association, and Song Zhongkui, Secretary general of China Energy Conservation Association, came to lay the foundation for the building together with Xu Xinjian, chairman of Micoe.

The completion of the experimental building will promote Micoe air energy heat pump research and development strength to a higher level, more help to enhance the brand's market competitiveness and product innovation, so as to better meet market demand, help Micoe stand out in the fierce market competition and attract more partners.


The start of the construction of Micoe Heat Pump Zero Carbon experimental building reflects Micoe's great attention to product research and development innovation and high-quality development. From the perspective of planning and design concept, the heat pump zero carbon experimental building is a forward-looking project, which not only shows Micoe's strong commitment to low-carbon and environmental protection, but also shows its confidence and determination for the future and sustainable development. Also let us see that the heat pump zero carbon experiment building is not only a building, but also a dream about "low carbon ambition", its completion will also set a new benchmark for the air source heat pump industry.


Song Zhongkui, secretary-general of the China Energy Conservation Association, stressed in his speech that the development of enterprises needs to enhance wisdom with scientific and technological innovation, deliver value with brand services, and enhance enterprise capabilities through information and intelligence. Micoe Heat Pump Zero Carbon Experimental building will boost product development and market expansion, and further improve product quality and service value. Secretary General Song is full of expectations for the future of Micoe Heat Pump Zero carbon experimental building.

Zero carbon, green, sustainable, has become an urgent need for the development of human society. Under the pressure of global energy crisis and climate change, the development and utilization of air energy has become a top priority. As a leading enterprise in the air energy heat pump industry, Micoe has invested heavily in the air energy heat pump zero carbon experimental building, which will develop more high-level and high-tech heat pump new products for enterprises.


Micoe Heat pump zero carbon experiment building has a construction area of 32,000 square meters and a total investment of 200 million yuan. The design of the building also fully implemented the concept of "zero carbon building", through the use of Micoe's self-developed photovoltaic + energy storage technology, clean solar power is efficiently captured and stored to meet the building's electricity needs. This innovative technology not only provides renewable energy for the operation of the building, but also sets the benchmark for near-zero emissions in the green manufacturing park in practice.

The construction of Micoe Heat pump Zero carbon experimental building is very necessary, because the acquisition of each key parameter in the field of heat pump needs to be achieved by the laboratory, which makes the laboratory play a key role in the development of heat pump technology.

According to the plan, the Micoe Heat Pump Zero Carbon Experimental building contains 19 laboratories dedicated to heat pump ultra-low temperature testing, with the ability to simulate and test all urban environmental climates in China. Taking into account the global climate differences and the diversity of energy needs, the design of the minus 60 ° C ultra-low temperature heat pump experiment can fully cope with a wider range of scenarios simulation tests, not only to meet the heating needs of all regions in China, but also to provide heating solutions for different climate regions around the world. This forward-looking design concept reflects Micoe's focus and layout on the global air energy heat pump market.


With the Micoe Heat pump zero carbon experiment building put into use in the future, it will help the air energy industry usher in a new vigorous development. Let us wait and see, looking forward to its contribution to the great cause of low-carbon clean energy!



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