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Micoe Xi 'an Yuandian Mahogany Expo City Clean energy Project

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1) Project Overview

Xi 'an Yuandian Mahogany Expo City, the building is three floors, each floor area of about 10400 square meters, the total heating area of 31,000 square meters. Mahogany furniture has certain requirements for temperature, and the most suitable temperature is 15~20. Under this condition, the tensile shrinkage of the wood is small, the paint durability is good, and the dimensional stability of the furniture is also better. Xi 'an has a warm temperate semi-humid continental monsoon climate with moderate rainfall and distinct four seasons. The annual average temperature is about 15℃, the coldest average temperature is about 0℃ in January, and the hottest average temperature is about 26℃ in July.



2) Design Scheme

This project is a heating, cooling and electricity consumption solution tailored by Micoe for Xi 'an Yuandian Mahogany Expo City. 18 sets of 50HP Micoe ultra-low temperature air source heat pumps are selected as cold and heat sources, and the end is a combined air conditioner, which can meet the heating and cooling needs of Yuandian Mahogany Expo City. Photovoltaic equipment adopts 3 sets of 53KW photovoltaic panels, which are for self-use and the surplus electricity is connected to the Internet to meet the electricity demand of Mahogany Expo City.



Project appearance and product application drawing

3) Application Effect

Since its operation, it can meet the refrigeration needs of most shopping malls and merchants in summer. When heating in winter, during daytime working hours, the room temperature is about 18℃ for heating. In non-working hours at night, the indoor heat preservation cycle can be carried out, which ensures the anti-freezing of indoor furniture and reduces the operating cost of the system, which has been praised by customers. Micoe clean energy green low-carbon solutions, involved in more and more fields, hot water, heating, refrigeration, electricity one-stop service, professional customization, to meet user needs at the same time, low carbon emission reduction, for the "carbon neutrality" contribution.



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