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Household RO Compact 75G Water Purifier Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier with Build-in Tank

  • YCZ-CT12-M310

  • micoe


Filter Configuration:

First Level: PPC composite filter element

Second Level: reverse osmosis membrane filter element

Product Parameters:

Water capacity :75 G

Inlet water quality: municipal tap water

Water inlet pressure :0.10Mpa-0.40mpa

Water purification flow :12L/h

Pressure barrel :3 G

Outlet faucet:1/4 "

Rated power :36 W

Product size :115×345×279 (mm)

Product Description:

【Deep purification】Effectively filter rust, sediment, colloid and other impurities in water, remove heavy metals, bacteria and pesticides and other harmful substances, and improve the taste of drinking water sweet

【Horizontal extraction filter elemen】 horizontal extraction filter element, convenient and fast core change;

【no space】compact size, installation does not occupy too much kitchen space;

【Filter life reminder】One to one filter life display, timely remind to replace the filter element

product quality assurance

1. No water leakage

Product design: The design of one-piece integrated water circuit and composite filter element greatly reduces the risk of water leakage and makes water safe and worry-free;

Test requirements: air inspection and water inspection double-station inspection to ensure that the whole machine is assembled without water leakage

2.  No leakage

The products are certified by the national CCC agency. During the production process, each product has undergone a safety test to ensure that there is no leakage.

3. Good filtering effect

Filter element design: The structure of PP cotton is loose on the outside and tight on the inside, which can meet the larger dirt holding capacity, ensure the filtration accuracy and prolong the life of the filter element.

Material requirements: Authentic coconut shell activated carbon, with less carbon powder after pickling, the iodine value adsorption capacity is as high as 800 or more, ensuring the sweet taste of the water.

The reverse osmosis membrane made of imported membranes has a desalination rate of up to 98%, ensuring the purity of the water.

Effluent water quality: a special water quality room is set up and a taster is invited to evaluate the taste; each batch of filter elements is sampled at 10% to ensure the filter accuracy and the stability of the desalination rate of the filter elements

4. Stable performance

All water purification accessories are selected from the top three suppliers in the industry, and the performance of the accessories is tested at a ratio of 10% before storage to ensure the stability of the accessories.

Accessories test: 1. Pressure test: such as filter bottle, structure, PE pipe, etc., conduct 100,000 water hammer, static pressure and blasting tests in strict accordance with the national standard GB/T 30307-2013.

Electrical component test. Such as electronic control board, power supply, etc., in accordance with the requirements of GB/T 4720/GB5938, comprehensive testing of electrical strength, thermal shock, aging performance, etc.

Whole machine test: Sampling according to the proportion of 5%, and comprehensively test the product pressure holding, filtration and electric control.


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