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Micoe -40 ℃ Heat Pump ultra-low Temperature Laboratory was Authorized by Hefei General Institute

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From authoritative attestation to market application, Micoe air source heat pump withstand the test of comprehensive and strict, Micoe will be based on the two large air source heat pump production bases, the accumulation of technological advantages, continue to lead the industry development of high quality, keep up with the development of The Times theme, boost national "double carbon" strategic goal, to "clean world, better life" the mission of unremitting struggle, Focus on the future.

Hefei general machinery product certification co., LTD. (GC) abbreviations is registered by the administrative department for industry and commerce, the national certification and accreditation supervision and administration commission (CNCA) approval of the China's conformity assessment (CNAS) national approval committee, with independent legal status of third-party certification body, established in 2000. GC certification center can carry out including China energy-saving product certification, CCC certification, China RoHS certification, characteristic certification, green building materials product classification certification and other professional certification.


Set simulation environment parameters

This qualification marks that Micoe Air aSource Heat Pump 250kW comprehensive performance Laboratory has the ability to simulate and test all urban environmental climates in China. For Micoe air source heat pump research and development level and product quality to provide a strong technical support, help to win the trust of government departments, all walks of life, enhance their market competitiveness.


Laboratory simulation of blizzard conditions - detect frost formation

Micoe Air Source Heat Pump 250kW Comprehensive performance laboratory includes 30HP and 60HP two specifications laboratory, in strict accordance with the national standard for 3-30HP air source heat pump unit and 3-60HP air source heat pump unit, water source heat pump unit, chiller testing and calibration. The 30HP laboratory has additional explosion-proof laboratory function, which can carry out combustible refrigerant unit test, and the 60HP laboratory has noise laboratory function, and the background noise can be at least 40 decibels below. The laboratory has been built for many years. With rich research experience and advanced technical capabilities, it possesses technical advantages such as cold source cluster regulation, complex environment artificial simulation, multi-cooling domain variable capacity cooling, and dynamic simulation of air conditioning load, which reflects the strong comprehensive competitiveness of Micoe.


Micoe North Air Source Heat Pump Production Base

As a comprehensive service provider of low-carbon and clean energy, Micoe has always been committed to breaking through the ultra-low temperature barrier with technological innovation and promoting the development of the industry with high-quality products. Micoe aijia 2 series air energy cooling and heating machine, under the working condition of -12℃, the comprehensive energy efficiency of heating reaches 3.26, exceeding the 3.2 requirements of the national first level energy efficiency, COPh≥2.65, nominal heat 20kW; The machine adopts EVI air jet enthalpy increasing technology to increase refrigerant circulation by 20% and realize quasi-two-stage compression to ensure that the machine can operate effectively at -35℃. At the same time, the machine has three-minute intelligent defrosting technology, which reduces energy consumption and ensures the comprehensive heating effect of the unit in the cold environment. This technology also won the first prize of scientific and technological invention of China Refrigeration Society in 2021.


Micoe Shunde Air Source Heat Pump Production Base

From authoritative certification to market application, Micoe Air Source Heat Pump has withstood the comprehensive and strict test. Relying on the two major air energy production bases in the North and south, Micoe will continue to accumulate technological advantages, continue to lead the high-quality development of the industry, conform to the development theme of The Times, and help achieve the national "dual carbon" strategic goal. To "clean the world, better life" mission unremitting struggle, committed to the future.



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