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Micoe Solar

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On February 23, Micoe Training Base which aims to provide employees and channel customers with opportunities for business practice is officially launched and a grand launch ceremony is held.


In 2018, Micoe will start a new journey and will create more new products, new species and their related solutions through the upgrade of the original solar energy single products in new energy sources such as hot water, water purification, heating and photovoltaic . The new journey gives Micoe people a new vision, but also puts forward higher requirements of new capabilities. It requires R & D personnel, business personnel, service personnel and channel distributors, contractors, service providers, shopping guide staff, service engineers, etc. not only to understand the product working principle, product selling point knowledge, but also need to master product installation and maintenance skills, We will achieve to reshape our professional brand image and build our brand service. With the upgrade of consumption, we will enhance the ability of our business users and help achieve the new goal of Micoe.