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At the end of March,the annual Chinese space award ceremony was held in Beijing astronaut center,MICOE won the award of Chinese space industry contribution. The leadership of this award ceremony are the director of space foundation Zhang Jianqi,the vice president of China space foundation Wu Zhuo,the vice president of China space Cheng Wen.The witness presenters are God Nine space pilot Zhai Zhigang, Liu Yang, Jing Haipeng and Liu Wang.The host of award ceremony is the general secretary of the China space foundation Zhang Yujiang.

In recent years,from God One to God Nine,the application of China space technology has be used in new material, new energy, computer, biotechnology, precision manufacturing and other civilian areas. Top companies in every industry always contended to be cooperative partner of China space, all the selected enterprises are the best, MICOE won the chance and to be only one from 2007 in solar thermal industry,after that using the space adiabatic principle, MICOE promoted adiabatic tank technology successfully,and used CFC-free polyurethane from Honeywell and ACRI thermal insulation material to enlarge the insulation period of products. Space deposition technology was updated on three target coating technology to promote a new generation of purple space vacuum tube, by integrating trace rare metal and improving the molecular structure of the membrane layer to enable the solar water heater also can maximize the absorption of heat in winter. The successful application of the two space technology provide the experience for civil use. In 2007, Micoe made wonders by Feitian series, which is sold more than one million sets.

In 2011, Micoe held large public welfare activity with the subject of joining hands with God Eight, sharing our drames. The activity collect dreams of powerful nation, aerospace industry, green, welfare, and send the representative dreams to the space with God Eight. Micoe has built a bridge for the dreams and China space.

In 2013,the God Ten will back to space again, the Chang E No. Three will go to moon to carry out exploration mission for the first time.This will annotate the glorious history of China space industry and practice the great mission of China Dream.MICOE will also join hands with colleagues in solar thermal industry to carry out continuous innovation and exploration to cast reliable quality with technology in order to power beautiful China.



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