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28th September 2013, award ceremony of “World Executive Summit 2013 and Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands” held in Hong Kong, during the award ceremony, Micoe pass through The Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands’ strict selection and Auditing, brand strength and potential of development has been recognized, becoming the first “Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands” in the China’s new energy industry. Mr. Robert Mundell, the chairman of World Executive Group, professor of Columbia University, winner of 1999 Nobel Prize in Economics and Mr. Ravi Dhar, senior professor of Yale University, director of Yale user monitoring center pass the Certificate to Micoe, also Samsung, Toyota, Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, China State Grid Corporation, CCTV and etc, has be rewarded along with Micoe. There are 188 brands from Chinese Mainland in the list.

Professor Robert Mundell delivered a speech and stated the concept and meaning about “The Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands” corporate rankings, he said, the rapid development of Chinese enterprises is worth of being praised and respected by the whole world due to making great contributions to the global and Asia’s economy, especially in the field of new energy.

“The Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands” is a authoritative list which measuring multi-fields large enterprises’ size, influence and strength, also reflect the state of the world economy, it is very authoritative. May 2012, Solar East—Micoe Listed in Shanghai A stock (603366); April 2013, the State Statistical Bureau authority released: In year 2012, all-glassvacuum tube solar water heater made by Micoe sales volume is the largest in the same products in China; This time, again, Micoe has become the first “Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands” in the China’s new energy industry.

Since the establishment of Micoe, specialized in engaging market-oriented commercial practice in Chinese new energy industry, and successfully explored a replicable promotion road about new energy. For 13 years, based on the whole industry chain manufacturing platform which scale is the largest and quality is the highest in solar industry, continually carrying on technology innovation and business model research, leading and pushing forward the development of solar thermal utilization industry of Chinese new energy, meanwhile the favorable corporate responsibility has been winned widespread praises from the social publics. In 2013, Micoe has put forward industrial strategy called “large solar thermal”, which not only clearly draws the outline of technical roadmap of solar thermal utilization industry, but depicts a brand new and large blue ocean market of solar thermal collector industry.

The related experts said, just these five advantages that establish today’s market position of Micoe, and which is the secret that why Micoe has the ability to win “The Asia’s 500 Most Influential Brands”.

(Professor Robert Mundell, who is the chairman of World Executive Group、professor at Colombia University in United States、winner of the Nobel prize in Economics in 1999, made speeches)

(Professor Robert Mundell & Professor Ravi Dhar(middle) jointly presented award for Mioce)




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