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Did you notice that solar heater is prospering in modern society? The fact that nowadays the demand of pre-heated solar water heater is increasing indicated that pre-heated solar water heater plays more and more important role. Pre-heated solar water heater, as the name suggested, has developed with special function-heating water in advance. Today we will walk you through the ways of how to use pre-heated solar water heater.

The basic components in pre-heated solar water heater include following items. Collectors are used to take the heat from the sun and pass it to a fluid. The heat transfer fluid is applied to takes the heat from the collector for use or storage. Moreover, the heat exchangers are applied to transfer the heat from the fluid to a home’s domestic water. Pumps are used to move the fluid through the collector and/or the exchanger, and sometimes to move the domestic water through the other side of the exchanger. How does the pre-heated solar water heater works? Actually, it’s similar to usual solar water heater. The pre-heated solar water heater collector capture and retain heat from the sun and transfer this heat to a liquid. Solar thermal heat is trapped using the “greenhouse effect,” in this case is the ability of a reflective surface to transmit short wave radiation and reflect long wave radiation.

Heat and infrared radiation (IR) are produced when short wave radiation light hits a collector’s absorber, which is then trapped inside the collector. Fluid, usually water, in contact with the absorber collects the trapped heat to transfer it to storage. How to use pre-heated solar water heater? The truth is the usage of pre-heated solar water heater is an easy thing. Using the copper coil as the heat exchanger, according with international fashion trend, pre-heated solar water heater is simple to install and use. It takes the advantage of the tap water’s pressure, so it is more pressure and more comfortable. You just need to set a time, the pre-heated solar water heater will automatically heat in that time and then you can use the hot water. It can produce hot water with constant temperature, it is safe and comfortable to use. The water can be heated rapidly, so it can produce the high quality hot water. What’s more, it can produce more hot water than the general types because it isn’t.

This is the way of how to use pre-heated solar water heater. Owing to our rich experience and vast knowledge of this domain, we have been able to offer high quality Pre-heated Solar Water Heater to our valuable customers. To manufacture the offered water heaters in adherence to the industry set standards, latest and advanced machinery is used. If you are in need of pre-heated solar water heater, you can visit for more detailed information.



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