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On April 19, Grundfoss HVAC OEM global commercial director Soren Vejen Jensen came to visit Micoe to seek technical cooperation. Micoe chief engineer Qingtai Jiao , engineering company vice President Shengyao Zhang and other leaders received them warmly.

On the morning of 19, the leaders of two sides had a panel discussion for technological projects. Grundfoss is a global leader in advanced pump solutions, is also a leader in the field of water technology, provided corresponding solutions for the Great Hall of the People, Beijing Olympic Venues, Shanghai Expo Pavilions. Soren Jensen, as experts in the field of water technology, Grundfoss look forward to have a further strategic cooperation with Micoe . Grundfoss will be tailored for the enterprise and customize related products ,make solar products more compact, beautiful, realize needs of Micoe solar hot water heater expansion and hot water upgrade .

Micoe engineering company general manager Zhang introduced , new urbanization has become an inevitable trend for the future development of China, cross-industry alliance would be a powerful driving force of urbanization. Cooperation with Grundfoss will make Micoe “city hot water bank” be able to service for the development of urbanization better , fully meet the various demand of consumers.

From “aerospace tube” to “exquisite diamond astronautics tube”,  Micoe set the new standard of the technology collection hot industry; From “adiabatic tank” to “Thermal lock valve”, Micoe promoted the large upgrade of heat storage technology ; From automatic to the remote control, Micoe continually leading industry control system technology; And the cooperation with Grundfoss will make the product in the aspect of system integration with other technologies go further forward, this is another upgrade of hot water transmission technology . Industry experts said, Micoe systematic strategic thinking will push the solar-thermal industry new technology revolution again .

In the future, the solar energy heater is set to become the giant battle. In the solar industry, Micoe is a giant enterprise. Especially in the environment of Chinese solar market is relatively low in recent years,  Micoe washed away the market constantly with big brand marketing and new technology .Its dynamic drew people’s attention. A “technological Micoe”, is attracting the concern of more international giant such as Grundfoss with its action.



Denmark Grundfoss Company is a global pump industry production enterprise, was founded in 1945. Headquartered in Denmark malubu, Leon. Group turnover in  2010 is Danish crowns (about 24.4 billion yuan RMB), global employees amounted to more than 17000 people, with more than 80 branches in 45 countries, annual production of more than 16 million sets of the solar water heater pump device.

Major landmark projects of Grundfoss in China include: the National Stadium (Bird’s Nest), National Swimming Center (Water Cube), the International Broadcast Center of the Olympic Games, Beijing’s Great Hall of the People, the National Grand Theatre, Beijing Oriental Plaza, CCTV Complex Building, the Shanghai World Financial Center, Shanghai International Financial Center, Shanghai Expo Garden Expo Axis, Shanghai Expo Garden Denmark Pavilion, phase ii of the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Lujiazui Havana Hotel and so on.



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