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From January 8 to January 10, 2018, MICOE Sales and Marketing Conference  with the theme of “Great Hot Water and a New Era” held at the headquarters of LianYunGang .


Leading a new era ,MICOE embark on a new journey

This annual meeting, MICOE also ingenious introduction of the manufacturer talks, five outstanding national distributors and seven group executives each from the innovation model and successful experience, around the back to the city, the team, channels, retail, stand-alone Engineering and other major modules to share the market breakthrough in the road to victory, the two sides Imagine the hot water, seeking a win-win new era, so that the presence of dealers benefited.

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As “strategic partner of China’s aerospace industry,” in 2018, MICOE will  take the lofty mission and sense of responsibility as the aerospace quality level to lead the industry into a new era of big hot water and give full play to the responsibility of the big brands Take responsibility once again.
A new era, a new journey, a great hot water era led by MICOE has come.




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