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​Why is air source heat pump heating more and more popular?

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With the country's policy guidelines and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, clean energy heating is being praised by more and more people. Due to the vigorous promotion of coal-to-electricity conversion, the air source heat pumps have become the darling of the heating industry. What exactly is an air source heat pump? Why will air source heat pumps become the first choice for winter heating in the future? The following will solve these confusions for you.

Here is the content list:

What is an air source heat pump?

What are the advantages of the air source heat pump?

What prompted the rise of air source heat pumps?

air source heat pumps

What is an air source heat pump?

The air source heat pump is also called air source heat pump water heater. As the name suggests, it is to transport the heat in the air to the water through the refrigerant. The traditional electric water heater and gas water heater obtain heat by consuming gas and electric energy, while the air energy water heater achieves the purpose of heating water by absorbing the heat in the air, In the case consuming the same electric energy, it can absorb about three times the electric energy to heat water.

air source heat pumps 1

What are the advantages of the air source heat pump?

(1) The air source heat pump system integrates cold and heat sources, so there is no need to set up a special refrigerating machine room and boiler room. The air source heat pump unit can be placed on the roof or the ground arbitrarily, does not occupy the effective use area of the building, and the construction and installation of air source heat pump are very simple.

(2) The air source heat pump system has no cooling water system, no cooling water consumption, and no cooling water system power consumption. In addition, many cases of Legionella infection caused by cooling water pollution have been reported. From the perspective of safety and health, the air source heat pump also has obvious advantages.

(3) The air source heat pump system does not require boilers, boiler fuel supply systems, dust removal systems, and flue gas discharge systems. The air source heat pump system is safe and reliable and does not pollute the environment.

(4) The air source heat pump chiller (heat) water unit adopts a modular design, so there is no need to set up a spare unit. During the operation of the air source heat pump, the computer automatically controls to adjust the operating status of the unit to adapt the output power to the working environment.

air source heat pumps 2

What prompted the rise of air source heat pumps?

(1) The heating market has changed, and the market demand for energy-saving and environmentally friendly products is huge.

Market demand is the main factor for the rapid development of the air source heat pump industry. As the country vigorously promotes the coal-to-electricity policy, the heating industry is facing major changes, and there is an urgent need for a clean and renewable energy source to 

replace the original coal-fired heating. Air source heat pumps have developed rapidly under such market demand.

(2) Changes in the energy structure, the state strongly supports clean energy.

In terms of energy structure, the country has vigorously promoted renewable clean energy in recent years to ease energy pressure. The air source heat pump can use the heat stored in the air for cooling and heating, which provides a new opportunity for the development of the renewable energy industry.

(3) Energy saving and environmental protection, zero pollution, high energy efficiency ratio.

The rapid development of air source heat pumps is also closely related to its nature. The air source heat pump does not produce any air pollutants when it is used, and mainly uses the internally circulating refrigerant to absorb heat from the air, and the entire operation process achieves zero pollution in a true sense. Air source heat pump operation does not require any electric auxiliary heating, and the loss of unit operation is very small, which is a real energy-saving product. In most areas in China, the average temperature is above 10 degrees, and the air source heat pump unit consumes 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity and can produce more than 3 kilowatts of heat. The energy efficiency ratio is outstanding. 

air source heat pumps 3

Although the air source heat pumps have many advantages, everything has two aspects, and air source heat pumps also have their disadvantages. However, it seems that the air source heat pump is the best, and MICOE's air source heat pump products are worth your choice.



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