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Why did MICOE launch the "CAS+"​ system?

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In recent years, the rapid development of a new generation of information technology represented by big data and artificial intelligence, the digital economy has become an important engine to lead global economic and social change and promote the high-quality development of China's economy. It can be said that from the development point of view, the digitalization of the economy has been the inevitable trend of development.

Digital technology, high-tech dividend is replacing the demographic dividend, market dividend, become an important engine and boost for the next stage of economic development, which has become the general consensus. In fact, in the process of policy to continuously promote the development of digital technology, many scale enterprises are in their respective fields to explore the digital development of cutting-edge technology, and actively layout the construction of digital intelligence systems and platforms.

Such as A.O Smith launched an innovative AI-Link all-connected full control of intelligent IOT system, to create "cooling, heating, air and water professional integration" of a full set of solutions; Manfred launched the "close to home" APP, the new innovative entrepreneurial comfort home for channel business empowerment Retail platform; Haier launched a "one-stop customized wisdom home" platform ...... Among them, Micoe launched the Clean Energy Coupling Intelligent Operating System (CAS+) in 2021 based on the market demand.

Currently, under the goal of "double carbon", the efficient conversion, clean and efficient utilization of energy has become a hot issue, which urgently requires the unified operation and intelligent control of multiple types of energy to enhance its green and efficient level. Micoe CAS system was born in response to this need. It is understood that the system is a digital tool based on the design of clean energy supply system and an intelligent management platform for end-customer energy use, which can realize the best integrated energy application in different scenarios through big data algorithms.

Through the Clean Energy Coupling Intelligent Operating System (CAS+), Micoe makes full use of its advantages as a comprehensive low-carbon clean energy service provider, deepens energy technology, takes "solar+" and "heat pump+" as the main energy solutions, and vertically or horizontally couples Multiple clean energy sources are coupled vertically or horizontally to provide the most suitable clean energy system for customers.

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