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​Why choose a space heating heat pump?

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Nowadays, more and more communities choose space heating heat pumps for heating, and the government is also strongly supporting this policy. So, why choose a space heating heat pump?

Here is the content list:

Advantages of space heating heat pump

How to choose the type of space heating heat pump?

How to buy a space heating heat pump?

space heating heat pumps 

Advantages of space heating heat pump

The energy efficiency ratio is high. One part of electricity supplies three parts of heat. The space heat pump is essentially a heat-lifting device that absorbs heat from the surrounding environment and transfers it to the object to be heated. At work, first, input 1 part of electric energy to drive the compressor to do work, and then absorb a large amount of heat energy from the outside environment temperature, and release heat in the condenser through the refrigerant circulation system. It is precisely because of the existence of the "law of conservation of energy" that the 1 share of electrical energy input to the compressor can always be converted into 1 share of heat energy, and the large amount of heat energy absorbed from the external environment becomes an additional harvest. In other words, the main force that really heats water is not the input of electrical energy, but the free "heat" in the air.

Electricity is not expensive, and ordinary households can afford it. The initial investment of space heating heat pump heating products is indeed much higher than that of electric heating, but the operating costs are also much lower, the comfort is better, and it is safe.

space heating heat pumps 1

How to choose the type of space heating heat pump?

1. The model should be selected according to the larger one of the heating load in winter and the cooling load in summer.

2. When the unit is used as the auxiliary heat source of the solar hot water system at the same time, it should be determined according to the maximum specifications that meet the requirements of the three.

3. On the premise of meeting the above requirements, the equipment capacity should not be over-enlarged.


How to buy a space heating heat pump?

The purchase of space heating heat pumps can be selected from the following seven aspects:

1. Appearance inspection: The outer surface of the paint should be uniform, bright in color, without falling off, with no dents, severe scratches, or pressing marks, etc; The outer shell should be made of fluorine titanium plate.

2. Strictly prevent counterfeit and inferior products, it is best to buy directly from the manufacturer.

3. The accessories should be complete.

4. Inspection of the power plug: the wiring must be firm, and of course it is better if the line is thick and hard. If it is too small, it will heat up after power on for a while, and it may even cause a fire.

5. Power-on test and constant temperature performance check whether the indicator light is on, and whether the machine is humanized setting does not require people to normally open and normally close. Whether there is overheating protection function and whether the defrosting is good.

6. Noise: The smaller the noise of the heat pump water heater, the better.

7. If the space heating heat pump has the function of magnetization or ion activation, the effect will be better.

space heating heat pumps 2 

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce an industrial heat pump that meets the standards, so as to ensure the safety of the use of heat pumps and the healthy development of the heat pump market. MICOE many tests on heat pumps before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the heat pump business, you can consider our cost-effective products.



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