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​What's the principle of swimming pool heat pump?

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Swimming pool heat pump is a heating - based heating equipment. Mainly used in the cold winter northern areas, with the effect of keeping warm, before the use of more cast iron radiator, but now more material radiators have been developed. Cast iron radiators have gradually withdrawn from the market stage, and new radiators such as steel radiator, copper and aluminum composite radiators and aluminum radiators have become the most mainstream radiators in the market. Swimming pool heat pumps are all in one heat pump.

Here is the content list:

What does the swimming pool heat pump work?

What is the swimming pool heat pump material?

What is the swimming pool heat pump model?


Swimming pool heat pump

What does the swimming pool heat pump work?

The radiator temperature will not exceed the temperature of the hot water going in the pipe below. Although swimming pool heat pump is a new technology, but also follow the principle of heat transfer and energy conservation law: the temperature of the heated object is not higher than the temperature of the heat source, otherwise the energy will no longer be conserved. The temperature of the radiator reaches at most the same temperature as the hot water in the tube, not exceeding the hot water temperature. In fact, the radiator to heat dissipation to the surrounding space, also will not reach the temperature of the hot water in the following water pipe. Some buyers may have questions: then how much can the radiator be lower than the water temperature? There are many random factors in this problem, which is difficult to determine. And room temperature, the size of the room space, whether tight and not easy to heat dissipation has a lot to do with. If the room temperature is low, the room space is large, and the seal is not good and easy to heat dissipation, the swimming pool heat pump will radiate to the surrounding space, resulting in the radiator temperature is much lower than the water.

Swimming pool heat pump 1

What is the new material of the swimming pool heat pump? 

In recent years, the market appeared a new "swimming pool heat pump" free vacuum superconducting radiator, is on the basis of the traditional radiator research and development updated new product, the product is in the bottom sandwich pipe inside the radiator, in the inner cavity of the small amount of superconducting liquid, when hot water through the bottom of the superconducting radiator, the superconducting liquid in the superconducting radiator is activated. The activated and gasified hot gas radiates heat dissipation through the radiator surface, and is cooled and returned to the heat source to the pipe and is activated for gasification. Such repeated work to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. Vacuum free superconducting swimming pool heat pump is an upgraded product of vacuum superconducting swimming pool heat pump, the difference is that the vacuum superconducting swimming pool heat pump needs to vacuum pump into the vacuum, and the vacuum free superconducting swimming pool heat pump is in the normal environment, using hot shooting to form a vacuum. 

Swimming pool heat pump 3

What is the swimming pool heat pump model?

swimming pool heat pumps are usually distinguished between model and specifications based on the width and thickness of the single sheet. Such as steel 60 round head 1800 high swimming pool heat pump, refers to the width of the single swimming pool heat pump piece is 60 mm. The height is 1.8 meters high. General radiator written in the 600 * 450, etc., the unit is mm.

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