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​What is the best solution to heat a swimming pool?

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Swimming pools lose energy in a variety of ways, but evaporation is by far the largest source of energy loss. Evaporating water requires tremendous amounts of energy, how to choose a best solution to heat a swimming pool to keep the water temperature to be stable at 26 to 27℃?The solar energy, gas energy and electricity energy are the solutions we adopt in common.

swimming pool heat pump

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How can a heat pump save so much energy?

How to select a right model swimming pool collector?

The advantages of MICOE swimming pool heat pump.



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Above comparison shows the advantage to adopt renewable energy of Solar water heating system and air source heat pump, but it also depends on the different application.


For example, if use solar water heating system to heat a swimming pool, it needs a lot of space to install big area solar collectors.

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Meanwhile ,if use swimming pool air source heat pump, the installation can be easier.

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How can a heat pump save so much energy?

Normally we use COP as a core value on a air source heat pump.


COP means Coefficient Of Performance.


From the technical data we can see that the COP is almost based on formula of:


COP = heat capacity ( Power output) / Power input

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Question one:

Why 1kwh electricity POWER INPUT can get many times POWER OUTPUT to heat the water?


Answer One:

1kwh electricity power input mostly consumed by the heat pump compressor, which compress the Refrigerant R32/R410a between Vapour & Liquid form to absorb plenty heat from Air and release to heat the water, see the attached diagram.

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Question Two:

Normally a heat pump can get a COP between 4 to 7, why a heat pump with an inverter can get a COP up to 13 in summer time?


Answer Two:

DC Inverter Pool Heat Pumps technology uses the reverse Carnot cycle principle to drive heat from a low-level heat source to a high-level heat source under the promotion of high-level energy, that is, to convert a heat source that cannot be directly used into an available high-grade heat source, thereby achieving partial savings. Disposable high-energy technology. The DC inverter pool heat pumps exchanges heat with the pool water through the continuous circulation of the refrigerant to heat the water.

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How to select a right model swimming pool collector?

The target temperature of a swimming pool is normally at 26 to 27℃, so the heat loss is calculated based on compensate the heat loss to keep the temperature.


Formula for heat loss calculation:



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The advantages of MICOE swimming pool heat pump.

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