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​What is an monoblock heat pump?

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The air source heat pump is an energy-saving device that uses high-level energy to make heat flow from low-level heat source air to a high-level heat source. It is a form of a heat pump. As the name implies, heat pumps are like pumps, which can convert low-level heat energy that cannot be directly used (such as the heat contained in the air, soil, and water) into high-level heat energy that can be used, thereby saving part of high-level energy (such as coal, gas, oil, electrical energy, etc.). Below, I will introduce you to one of the air source heat pumps — monoblock heat pump.

Here is the content list:

1.What is the working principle of the monoblock heat pump?

2.What are the advantages of the monoblock heat pump?

3.How to use a monoblock heat pump?


What is the working principle of the monoblock heat pump?

The monoblock heat pump draws heat from the surrounding environment. The working principle of the monoblock heat pump is the same as that of the refrigerator, and they all work according to the reversed Carnot cycle. The only difference between the two is that the operating temperature range is different. A compression type monoblock heat pump device is mainly composed of four parts: evaporator, compressor, condenser, and expansion valve. By allowing the working fluid to continuously complete the thermal cycle of evaporation (absorb heat from the environment) → compression → condensation (release heat) → throttling → re-evaporation, the heat in the environment is transferred to the water.

air source heat pump

What are the advantages of the monoblock heat pump?

(1) Safety

Since the monoblock heat pump is not directly heated by electric heating elements, compared with electric water heaters, the safety hazard of leakage is eliminated. Compared with gas water heaters, the monoblock heat pump has no safety hazards such as gas leakage or carbon monoxide poisoning, so monoblock heat pump has more excellent safety performance.

(2) Comfortable

The monoblock heat pump is a heat storage type, and the heating function is automatically activated according to the temperature in the water tank to ensure a sufficient supply of hot water for 24 hours. Therefore, the monoblock heat pump will not have the problem of being unable to meet the hot water for multiple faucets at the same time like the gas water heater, nor will the electric water heater have the problem of small capacity and waiting for multiple people to take a bath. The monoblock heat pump can use hot water immediately when it is turned on, with large water output and stable water temperature, which can meet all your expectations for hot water.

(3) Save money

Because the monoblock heat pump consumes only one-fourth of the equivalent electric water heater. That is equivalent to using the same amount of hot water, using the monoblock heat pump, and electricity costs only one-fourth of the electric heating. 

How to use an all in one heat pump?

The monoblock heat pump is usually installed on the kitchen balcony. When installing the monoblock heat pump, you only need to connect the hot and cold water outlets with the hot and cold water reserved in the house. The monoblock heat pump mostly use microcomputer intelligent controllers, which have time setting, timing switch function, water temperature setting, ventilation setting, overheating protection, and other intelligent control functions. However, most of the functions of the monoblock heat pump have been set by the manufacturer at the factory. Just use the default value. You only need to set the temperature you need (usually set at 45-50 degrees) You can use it.

The above is all about the monoblock heat pump. If you want to obtain multiple effects with one air source heat pump, you may wish to install a monoblock heat pump at home. You can consider using MICOE's cost-effective products.



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