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Unveil the Mystery of the Hot Water Project at Tesla's Shanghai Factory

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Micoe analyzed the water use situation of Tesla's Shanghai factory, combined with the local climate and light conditions, and proposed the most reasonable, energy-saving and stable hot water solution. After careful calculation and repeated simulation experiments for many times, it is undoubtedly the best choice to use solar energy and air energy complementary technology in the project.


At present, the solar thermal industry, with the joint efforts of countless people, has grown into the largest market in the world, and the annual promotion scale and area are very huge.

The air source heat pump is playing a more and more important part in the commercial and civil fields such as hot water and heating after the application and promotion of the clean heating policy in Northern China.


Tesla's hot water project has played an significant role in promoting complementary dual-energy solutions. At the same time, this project has given a good interpretation of Tesla's concept of green environmental protection.


Tesla's Shanghai factory hot water project has not only been listed in the Top Ten Glorious Hot Water Projects for Micoe’s 20th Anniversary, but also become a super engineering benchmark for cross-industry cooperation. In the field of clean energy hot water, Micoe has successfully cooperated with Tesla with its excellent brand concept and excellent solution ability.

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