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​ The composition configuration of the Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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Due to the general needs of indoor swimming pools to maintain water temperature and air temperature, the temperature and humidity control of indoor swimming pools has received more and more attention, and the demand for swimming pool heat pumps is also increasing. However, there are many types of swimming pool heat pumps on the market, and how to choose a good swimming pool heat pump is particularly important.

Here is the content list:

The performance characteristics of products.

The composition configuration of products.

How does the product work?

The performance characteristics of products

The indoor swimming pool constant temperature dehumidification swimming pool heat pump unit dehumidifies the indoor air while keeping the indoor air at a constant temperature. In order to save energy, the air heat is fully recovered and utilized during the operation of the equipment. The recovered heat is used to heat the pool air or pool water through the regeneration system to ensure that the indoor air is at a constant temperature. The condensed water produced by de-temperature can be directly discharged outdoors or recycled into the swimming pool to supplement the pool water.

swimming pool heat pumps

Considering the indoor air quality, the constant temperature heat removal swimming pool heat pump unit is equipped with fresh air treatment and exhaust functions; Considering the operating cost of the constant temperature heat removal pump unit, a large amount of outdoor fresh air with low humidity can be used to adjust the humidity of the indoor air during the spring and autumn season to reduce operating costs. In order to prevent the circulating air from affecting the service life of the equipment, the key components and sheet metal structure of the equipment are treated with anti-corrosion treatment during the manufacturing process, and the compressor, power distribution cabinet, and control system are isolated from the wind system.

The composition configuration of products

The configuration of the swimming pool heat pump is more sophisticated, mainly composed of racks, heat exchangers, compressors, fans, pool water swimming pool heat pump heating water cooling condensers, energy regulating valves, solenoid valves, power distribution cabinets, operation control systems, and other accessories.

How does the product work?

Generally speaking, water pumps send tangible water from low to high, while swimming pool heat pumps use low-level heat sources that people cannot see to high-level heat sources. Refrigerators and swimming pool heat pump work on the principle of the reverse cycle. The reverse cycle has the characteristic of releasing heat from a low-temperature heat source. When the purpose of the use is to absorb heat from a low-temperature heat source, the system is called a swimming pool heat pump. In layman's terms, a swimming pool heat pump is a process in which the working fluid absorbs heat from a low-temperature heat source, and mechanical energy or other energy can be added to increase the temperature so that the working fluid releases heat energy in the process of high-temperature constant-pressure condensation.

MICOE has developed many types of swimming pool heat pumps and conducted a lot of tests before leaving the factory to ensure quality. Our products are rich in types, which can meet the different needs of users. If you need it, you can consider using our cost-effective products.



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