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The 20th Anniversary Celebration of Micoe

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On December 29th, the 20th anniversary celebration of Micoe with the theme of ‘Creating Better Things’ was held online. The Conference is planning the blueprint for the future development of Micoe.


This is a conference to review, give thanks and look forward to the future. Xu Xinjiang, chairman of MICOE CORPORATION, summed up and reviewed the development of Micoe in the past 20 years with six themes: stepping on the tide of The Times, taking the road of brand, doing innovation, gathering the momentum of cooperation, gathering the strength of struggle and capturing the title of champion.

The chairman said that in the uncalm year of 2020, Micoe created extraordinary. In the past 20 years, Micoe have experienced challenges and growth together. In the new 20 years, the enterprise will still face the unknown and uncertain challenges , but as the leading enterprise, with clear goals and firm steps, Micoe will be able to carry on the past to the future, riding the waves.


Xu Xinjiang, chairman of MICOE CORPORATION

Through its products and services, the company will create a greener, more energy efficient, healthier, safer, more intelligent and more comfortable life experience for users. Through business and service, we can bring more diversified multi-layer choices, higher value creation, better service experience, stronger comprehensive competitiveness and more sustainable development to our partners.



In recent years, Micoe around the one horizontal and one vertical strategic layout in the intelligent healthy kitchen and bathroom, clean energy heating and comfortable building system in three fields of depth extension, formed a rich and diversified product matrix.

The conference held a grand awarding ceremony, and announced the top 10 benchmark projects, top 10 innovative products, top 10 public welfare events, top 10 moving moments, top 10 news events, the most valuable innovation award of the past 20 years, the brand contribution award of the past 20 years, the most beautiful pioneer and many other awards. The atmosphere was warm and exciting.


Top 10 Benchmark Projects


Top 10 Innovative Products


Top 10 Public Welfare Events


Most Valuable Innovation Award

From the year 2000 at the turn of the century to the year 2020, Micoe has gone through 20 years of youth and ushered in the 20th anniversary of its creation. In the warm celebration ceremony and wonderful celebration performance, the 20th anniversary celebration of Micoe came to a close.



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