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Micoe won the "National Science and Technology Progress Award"

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On June 24, 2023, the National Science and Technology Conference, the National Science and Technology Award Conference, and the Academician Conference of the two academies were held in Beijing.The project "Key Technologies and Applications of Ultra-low Energy Buildings in Extreme Climate Zones", which Micoe participated in, won the "National Science and Technology Progress Award".This honor is not only a recognition of Micoe's innovative achievements in the field of ultra-low energy consumption with green buildings, but also a full affirmation of the promoting the sustainable development of the construction industry.


The project "Key Technology and Application of Ultra-low Energy Consumption Buildings in Extreme Climate Regions" was completed by Micoe in collaboration with Xi'an University of Architecture and Beijing University Of Technology, and the Chinese People's Liberation Army Unit 91053. The project has carried out in-depth research on the challenges of energy supply and livable environment construction in extreme climate zones such as the islands in the South China Sea and the Qinghai-Xizang Plateau in China.


Under the continuous support of the National Natural Science Foundation of China's major projects, key projects, the National Science Foundation for Innovative Research Groups, and the National Outstanding Youth Science Foundation, the project team has successfully constructed a basic parameter system of ultra-low energy building design for extreme climate zones after nearly two decades of unremitting explorations and strenuous efforts. At the same time, the project team also summarized a set of new theories on ultra-low-energy building design adapted to extreme heat and humidity and plateau cold climate, and innovatively developed related new technologies, realizing a major breakthrough in technical bottlenecks and providing strong scientific and technological guarantee for the development of green buildings in extreme climatic zones.

This innovative theories and technologies of this project have been successfully applied to 1.52 million square meters of demonstration buildings in China's South China Sea islands and reefs, Antarctic Great Wall Station and Qinghai-Xizang Plateau region, and have been widely promoted to more than 10 million square meters of buildings. These results can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 200,000 tons per year, significantly reduce building energy consumption, significantly increase the proportion of renewable energy for building energy use, and provide innovative zero-carbon emission air conditioning and heating solutions for the building environment in extreme climatic zones, which strongly promotes the advancement of green building technology and the implementation of sustainable development strategies.


As the main participant of the project "Key Technology and Application of Ultra-low Energy Consumption Buildings in Extreme Climate Regions", Micoe has not only successfully completed the compilation of "Green Building Design Standards for Xizang Autonomous Region", but also provided important reference for the promotion and application of large-scale central heating technology in highland areas of China. Micoe's research results have been successfully implemented in large-scale heating demonstration projects in more than 20 areas, including Langkazi County and Zhongba County, with a cumulative heating area of 1.1 million square metres. The implementation of these projects has not only brought significant economic benefits, but also generated important ecological benefits, proving once again the value of Micoe's technological innovation. In addition, these results also make an important contribution to maintaining national security and promoting the realisation of the dual-carbon goal in the building field.


Xizang Shannan city Longkazi county solar central heating project


Xizang Shigatse Zhongba county solar central heating project

Honour is not only a recognition of past achievements, but also an incentive to move forward. Micoe's win of the “National Science and Technology Progress Award” fully demonstrates its innovative strength in the field of clean energy and its important contribution to the national low-carbon development strategy. Micoe will continue to adhere to the spirit of innovation, responsible for promoting the development of clean energy, and continue to move forward.



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