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Micoe did his best to assist in the battle of epidemic prevention and control!

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Since March, the epidemic situation in China has shown a trend of outbreak in multiple places. From March 1 to March 14 this year, there have been more than 10000 local outbreaks, involving 27 provinces.



The epidemic situation is an order, and prevention and control is a responsibility. Micoe immediately held an emergency online meeting, established a project team, determined the emergency plan and issued instructions to overcome all difficulties to meet the needs of front-line anti epidemic personnel under the condition of protecting their own anti epidemic safety.


According to the actual situation, Micoe quickly gave the solution of shower container + air energy hot water system. The shower container is a standard box type shelter with its own heat source and bath facilities, which are highly integrated. It can be installed in three steps and can be used with water and electricity.


Micoe shower container has three blocks: shower area, equipment area and rest area, which can provide 55 ℃ constant temperature hot water all day. It can quickly and comprehensively sterilize the whole box. In terms of water, it adopts overflow ultraviolet and high temperature double sterilization, and uses the energy of ultraviolet photons to destroy various viruses in the water body to ensure the safety of bathing hot water. The top ten security design of micoe shower container products, such as windproof, shockproof, anti-corrosion, fire prevention, anti slip, anti ponding, moisture-proof, heatstroke prevention and lightning prevention, is also the outstanding advantages of micoe shower container products. It not only provides warm and comfortable bathing experience for epidemic prevention personnel, but also provides comprehensive security guarantee.


In the face of the epidemic, micoe employees are not afraid of difficulties and rise to them. Micoe technical installation and construction team overcame many difficulties, responded quickly and carried out careful construction. Three sets of shower containers combined with air energy hot water system were quickly delivered to the two stations. It took less than 4 hours to complete the installation of the main equipment.


At present, the equipment has passed the acceptance and started to be used. The resident person in charge Yang Jian said: "micoe has responded quickly, the service is in place and the technology is mature. It has effectively solved the practical problems for the epidemic prevention personnel and praised your professionalism and sense of responsibility!"


Micoe always adheres to the original intention of service, shoulders social responsibility, actively responds to the call of the state and the government, rushes ahead, goes all out, appears where the people need, interprets the enterprise spirit with actions, and plays the role of guarding the lights of thousands of homes. In the face of such a situation, micoe will always maintain combat readiness and do its best to assist in the battle of epidemic prevention and control!



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