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Micoe becomes China's Arctic and Antarctic Scientific Expedition partner

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Since the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategy was put forward, the clean energy market has ushered in a period of strategic development opportunities. Many brands have rushed into the heat pump market, starting from policy research, technology research and development, business development, etc., and strive to make a good first move and create new brand advantages.As a comprehensive service provider of low-carbon and clean energy, Micoe has been closely following the pace of national low-carbon development of green energy. On August 26, it officially signed a contract with the China Polar Research Center to become a partner of China's Arctic and Antarctic scientific research and released CAS 2.0 clean energy. The coupled intelligent operating system is once again at the forefront of the industry.

The polar cold test!

The Arctic and Antarctic scientific expeditions witnessed the new strength of "warmth".

If practice is the only criterion for testing truth, then extreme environments are the touchstone for testing product stability and reliability. As the top ten leading brands of air energy heat pumps, Micoe air energy products are available in all categories, and relying on strong R&D and production strength and excellent product quality, Micoe continues to expand new application fields and application scenarios with the trend of "sail the blue ocean".

At this summit, Micoe Group and China Polar Research Center formally signed a cooperation agreement. This not only marks that Micoe has officially become a partner of China's North and South Pole scientific research, but also means that Micoe air energy products will board the "Xuelong" this winter, promoting the development of the clean energy industry with the responsibility and responsibility of a national enterprise, and promoting the development of the clean energy industry to the world. Fully demonstrate the strength and charm of "Made in China".



It is reported that the natural conditions of the Antarctic continent are extremely harsh. Not only is the altitude high and the air thin, but also the temperature is extremely low and snowstorms are raging. The Antarctic expedition team's work and life in the polar regions are extremely difficult, especially in terms of heating, they must meet strict environmental protection requirements. It is also in view of this that Micoe Air Energy will undertake the important task of "escorting" the logistics support work of the Great Wall Station, providing the Micoe Air Energy vegetable greenhouse heating system for the greenhouse glass house of the Great Wall Station, ensuring soilless cultivation of tomatoes, cucumbers, etc. Green vegetables can thrive at 15℃~26℃. This will be a brand-new attempt of clean energy technology to serve the polar scientific expedition work. It will play a very significant role in promoting both the improvement of the living conditions of the scientific expedition team members and the consideration of polar environmental protection.


An overview of the Great Wall of China Station in Antarctica


Vegetable Greenhouse at Great Wall Station of China, Antarctica

Digital iteration!

CAS 2.0 makes design and construction "smart".

Today, it has been less than 9 years since the "carbon peak". How to effectively ensure that the national "carbon reduction" target is achieved on time has become a top priority for the industry, and to ensure that various projects are in the process of "carbon reduction" energy consumption statistics, energy audits, energy consumption The authenticity of monitoring and other data information is the top priority. Facing the industry's urgent need for efficient energy conversion and efficient utilization, Micoe officially released the CAS 2.0 clean energy coupled intelligent operating system at this conference.


The CAS 2.0 system has been upgraded in an all-round way on the basis of 1.0. Based on the CAS2.0 system, the intelligent design system and intelligent control system have been launched, which are not only digital tools based on the design of the energy supply cleaning system, but also an intelligent control and management platform for end customers. . The system can not only realize the best comprehensive energy application form in different scenarios through the "intelligent design system" big data algorithm, but also realize the transformation from "human control" to "intelligent control" through the "intelligent control system", redefining energy with the CAS system station, making the system more intelligent, energy efficient, and operation and maintenance more convenient.

It has been implemented in many application scenarios such as communities, hotels, schools, hospitals, industry, agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery. Specifically, the intelligent design system based on CAS 2.0 can quickly produce a plan in 5 minutes, reduce the project cost by 30%, and control the error compared with manual design. At about 5%, it solves the problems such as excessive variance and inaccurate design caused by traditional manual design due to unprofessional design. The intelligent control system based on CAS 2.0 goes a step further. After the application of the project, it can reduce the after-sales personnel by more than 60%, save more than 20% of energy compared with the traditional manual control method, and increase the after-sales efficiency by more than 70%. The intelligent design and intelligent control system are based on CAS2.0, design is what you get, to solve the problem of separation between design and actual projects.


"The air source heat pump energy station is a system problem, with products accounting for 30% + system design accounting for 40% + installation, operation and maintenance 30%. In the heating renovation project of Hebei Nangong community (about 140,000 square meters), we use the CAS system to convert all areas of the community into The temperature change in the district heating period is analyzed. Through intelligent analysis of various energy sources in the area, the energy coupling design is quickly carried out, and the trinity model of product, design and implementation is realized, and the design, operation and control of clean energy heating are comprehensively solved. and possible problems in the supervision link.” Xu Meng, director of the Micoe Engineering Technology Center, gave an example when talking about the application of the CAS system.

In the early stage of design, the intelligent design system based on Micoe CAS was adopted, which reduced the system cost by 31% and the payback period by 7%, which greatly improved the competitiveness of the design scheme; during the operation process, the first heating season (2020) ~2021) In the case of pure manual control (the system is regulated once every 2 hours), the second heating season (2021~2022) will adopt the CAS-based intelligent control system, reducing the system operating cost to 17.01%, the operating cost per square meter 12.30 yuan/㎡, the labor cost decreased by 62.5%, which improved the profitability of the project.


The new era creates new demands, and new demands drive new upgrades. In the long run, making clean energy project design smart and simple is of great significance to promoting sustainable energy development and accelerating the realization of my country's "dual carbon" goal. A new chapter in the rapid development of the market.

For a long time, Micoe has been committed to breaking through the ultra-low temperature barrier with technological innovation. It is understood that the Micoe ultra-low temperature variable frequency unit serving the North and South Pole scientific expedition adopts ETS 1Hz full DC frequency conversion technology, gas-liquid dual injection technology EVLI, three-valve joint control technology TVL, solid-change coupled double flow defrosting technology SVCDFD and other core technologies , to meet the use scenarios of the Great Wall of Antarctica standing at extremely low temperatures, and to overcome natural harsh conditions such as blizzards at an angle of 0 degrees, high salt content, and high humidity.

At present, extreme weather occurs frequently around the world, and human beings are experiencing unprecedented climate change. "Safe, clean, efficient and low-carbon" energy is the current trend and trend. From the perspective of industry insiders, Micoe is committed to helping the development of clean energy, continuously updating and iterating product technologies and solutions, creating records of service polar projects one after another, and will surely become a "Chinese business card" for national enterprises to go global!

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