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Micoe / Building a Green Future

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Building a Green Future:AUPUP "Super Factory" and Clean Energy Development & Application Meeting

On October 30, AUPUP "Super Factory" and clean energy development & application exchange meeting was successfully held in MICOE headquarters.

In order to better respond to national policy calls in the field of clean energy, advance the development of industry, integrate industrial resources, optimize industrial structure, the representatives from government departments, industrial association, AUPUP e-commerce platform, MICOE gathered together to participate the grand meeting to interpret the clean energy industrial policy, look forward to the future development trend of the industry, publicize and implement the group standards, and promote the high-quality of the industry.

Chen Shujun, deputy mayor of Lianyungang; Wang Youjun, director of the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development; Liang Junqiang, deputy director of the technology and industrialization development center of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development; Chen Zhongli, Secretary General of the Quanlian decoration industry branch of the all China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce; Dujun, CEO of Aupup company; product partner Deng Zenan, quality partner Geng Bo, and partner Gao fan of Vanke construction research and technology R & D; Xu Xinjian, chairman of Solareast; Jiao Qingtai and Zhu Yalin, the vice presidents of Solareast; President Li Jun of MICOE group, and Cao Youhua, assistant president and general manager of centralized purchasing company, attended the meeting on the same day.

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MICOEBuild a green future with the strength of "standard"

According to statistics, more than 40% of the world's energy is used in constructions and related fields. At the same time, more than 50% of the materials obtained from the nature are also used to build and maintain all kinds of buildings and ancillary facilities.

It is in view of this, the huge market potential and the urgent demand of energy conservation and emission reduction are promoting the application and industrialization of new energy and environmental protection technology, and calling for more practical, refined, standardized and executable industry access technical standards and product specifications.





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Chen Shujun, vice mayor of Lianyungang

Chen Shujun, vice mayor of Lianyungang, said at the meeting that MICOE, as a leading domestic clean energy comprehensive solution provider, has been facing the global market for many years, providing products and services for 15 million families, providing clean thermal energy solutions for 10000+ commercial customers, and making outstanding contributions to promoting the popularization of smart application of clean energy and the road of green development. Understanding the policies and development trend of clean energy industry through the meeting is of great benefit to promoting the combination of clean energy and green building and promoting industrial development.


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Liang Junqiang, deputy director of technology and industrialization development center of MHURC

In the meeting, Liang Junqiang, deputy director of technology and industrialization development center of Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the group standard editor in chief of the technical code for the application of solar hot water system, said in his speech that the "double control" of energy consumption should be implemented in key cities and key buildings to improve the energy efficiency of new buildings and promote ultra-low energy consumption and near future Zero energy consumption and zero energy consumption building; around the reform requirements of "pipe laying off service", establish and improve the government guidance and market promotion mechanism, apply new energy and renewable energy, and combine the comprehensive transformation of old residential quarters to realize the existing non energy-saving buildings should be modified and the key areas should be guided to take the overall development of rural building energy conservation.



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