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MICOE shows its strength at the 2021 China Heat Pump Exhibition

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From April 25 to 27, China Heat Pump Exhibition 2021 was held in China Everlight Convention& Exhition Center. Micoe as a benchmark in the field of clean energy companies were invited to attend the event. We not only present the cutting-edge green HVAC energy saving products to the audience, but also shared the latest system solutions in the industry, and developed another group of excellent MICOE partners.

Facing the national strategy of high-quality development and emission reduction, green development has become the social responsibility of all industries. Micoe thermal technology company general manager zhang said in his speech, as the world’s leading brand in the solar and thermal utilization industry, Micoe focuses on the research, development and application of clean energy in the field of hot water and comfortable heating.


At the MICOE booth, the on-site commentator introduced the clean energy solutions brought by Micoe to the audience in detai.The program mainly includes MINI hot water station, air drying machine, Zhi Xiang pressure hot water station, large space heating heat pump, etc., demonstrating the excellent ability of Micoe in the field of clean heating and hot water, and has won the unanimous praise of the audience.


On the hot water system, the Mini hot water station of Micoe is composed of air source heat pump host, electric control cabinet and heat preservation water tank. Through the original integrated design, the four major options are customized, with compact structure and easy to install. The heat pump energy saving is more than 75% and the quality is durable for more than 15 years. The solution has been widely used in homestays, instant hotels, beauty salons, month clubs and other places where the installation time is tight or the capacity is small. 

As another bright spot in the heat pump exhibition of Micoe, Zhi Xiang pressure hot water station is also eye-catching. In order to solve the problem of hotels, hospitals, schools and other places where the demand for hot water fluctuates greatly, Zhixiang pressure hot water station adopts air source heat pump host and independent heating water tank to realize the same source of cold and hot, and heating in separate warehouses, which not only realizes the user's comfortable bath, but also can save more than 40% energy. At the same time, due to its modular design, it can be easily expanded according to project requirements.


It is worth mentioning that the ultra-low temperature all DC stepless frequency converter heating and cooling machine of Micoe Air won the Innovation Product Award of the China Heat Pump Exhibition in 2021. At the same time, due to the use of independent research and development of 3 minutes of intelligent defrosting core patent technology, the unit frost coverage is not more than 85%, the unit does not defrost, the unit frost coverage is up to 85%, can defrost by themselves,to ensure that the unit is accurate, fast, high energy efficiency defrosting.


Based on strong technical research and development strength and diversified business models, MICOE has become a smart clean energy service provider, which can provide users with comprehensive clean energy services, including products, technology, installation and transportation, financial services. We are committed to providing customized integrated solutions of hot water, heating and water purification for real estate, schools, hospitals, hotels, enterprises and public institutions, constantly leading the industry forward.

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