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​Function of all-in-one heat pump

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An All-in-one heat pump is a heat pump that has three functions: Providing hot water , dehumidifying air in the swimming pool, and indoor air conditioning. It also has the function of fresh air exhaust and heat recovery.

Here is the content list:

What is the integrated dehumidification all-in-one heat pump air conditioning refrigeration function?

What is the heat recovery function of the all-in-one dehumidification heat pump?

What is an all-set dehumidification heat pump integrated heat pump air system?

All-in-one heat pump 1

What is the integrated dehumidification all-in-one heat pump air conditioning refrigeration function?

The use of condensers depends on the weather conditions and the number of people in the pool. In low-temperature areas, the air does not need to be cooled in summer can not choose a condenser; in the south of the need for indoor air-conditioning cooling areas, an all-in-one heat pump is best to configure condenser, instead of air-conditioning. In summer, when the indoor air is overheated and the air conditioning and cooling function is needed, the outdoor condenser will start the cooling function. Outdoor condenser and air conditioning outdoor unit principle is the same, mainly to the excess heat out of the outdoor. Outdoor condenser, generally air-cooled radiator, like air-conditioning outdoor unit, to go to the refrigerant copper tube connection. But if the all-in-one heat pump is too far away from the mainframe, you can also use the cooling tower of the air conditioning, go to the water-cooling mode, the cold water into the mainframe refrigeration.

All-in-one heat pump 2

What is the heat recovery function of the three-in-one dehumidification heat pump?

All-in-one dehumidification heat pump is the principle of air source heat pump, so the device also absorbs heat from the air as a source of heat (including heat from indoor pool water, which British studies have found accounts for 90% of the heat released by pool water), that is, it absorbs the heat from the indoor air, so the heat from the indoor air is not wasted (especially the heated air in winter is not wasted outside), but is absorbed by the equipment, reheat the indoor pool water and the indoor air. Fully Save Energy and operating costs, and according to the requirements in the exhaust system installed exhaust heat recovery device, so that the heat discharged to the outdoor air is almost fully recovered and reused. Thereby reducing heat loss, energy-saving, and emission reduction, and protecting the environment.

All-in-one heat pump 3

What is a three-set dehumidification heat pump integrated heat pump air system?

Reasonable air distribution can make indoor air temperature and humidity uniform, avoid condensation phenomena, so the design of the air duct system is crucial. All-in-one heat pump air duct organization design, the distribution of air supply can use one or more pipes, airflow direction down or direction prone to condensation walls, windows, etc. Return Air may be distributed using a pipe or branch with the return air outlet downward. Air Duct Design must ensure that there is no short circuit between supply air and return air otherwise it will exceed the high humidity layer and airbag. Fresh air outlet and vent distance can not be too close otherwise all-in-one heat pump will cause part of the ventilation directly into the fresh air system. It has been proved by many years of engineering practice that the diagonal installation of the air supply outlet and the air return outlet can make the equipment work most effectively in the indoor swimming pool. When the air duct is installed, the air supply outlet, the return air outlet, and the fresh air outlet must be installed with the air volume regulating valve. Rational selection of air volume proportion in seasonal climate change. Electric fire-proof air valves should be installed in the air supply port and connected with the fire control system. The air supply outlet, the return air outlet, the exhaust air outlet should install the muffler, reduces the noise.

All-in-one heat pump 4

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