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Enamel Jacket Flat plate Solar Water Heater

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Founded in 2000, MICOE has become a leading brand in the solar thermal industry with main business of SOLAR WATER HEATER and AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP. As a cooperative partner of China Space and a high-tech enterprise, MICOE is Listed in Shanghai A-Share Stock Market (Stock code 603366SH) specialized in researching, developing and applicating renewable energy, providing comfortable hot water and space heating. Nowadays MICOE is the largest manufacturer and seller of SOLAR WATER HEATER and AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP in the industry, exporting to more than 100 countries and areas. Making sunshine brighter, air fresher, water cleaner is the sustainable developing strategy of MICOE.

Products  Description of  Enamel Jacket Flat plate Solar Water Heater:

1. Pressurized system, comfortable to use;

2. Circulating water is separated from water, water is more clean;

3. Suitable to work with anit-freeze liquid, able to be used in cold areas;

4. Specially designed supporting structure, suitable for flat roof and sloping roof;

5. Tank of 120/150/200/250/300 liter capacity with optimized heat insulation;

6. The inner tank is made of food-grade safety enamel, which does not pollute the water quality and is clean and hygienic;

7. The insulation of the enamel jacket water tank adopts a polyurethane foam layer, which is formed by one-time molding using the world's advanced high-pressure foaming technology. The insulation layer has a high density and an excellent thermal insulation effect;

8. Optimized brazing and laser welding technology to maximize heat transfer between absorbing plate and manifold.

What is the enamel inner tank?

Enamel Tank adopts international advanced technics, with excellent working condition. It features no corrosion forever, no leakage forever, no scale forever, no shrunken by pumping, no broken by pressing, etc. It is unique special inner flask in China .Particularly it is suitable for salina, seawater, deep well at different region.

It’s a clean energy and green product: no poisonous metal such as plumbum, hydrargyrum and chromium, bring health to your life. Porcelain Enamel Tank is insulated and can help preserve heat and it can work in perfect condition.


Technology Data of Enamel Jacket Flat plate Solar Water Heater:

Type Aperture area/ Gross area(㎡) Size(mm) Tank Capacity(L) Tank Size
FPS-120  1.85 / 2 m²  2510x1169x575 120L Ф560×970
FPS-150 1.85 / 2 m² 2510x1475x575 150L Ф560×1140
FPS-200  2.52 / 2.68 m² 2510x1870x575 200L Ф560×1470
FPS-250 2.83 / 3 m² 2510x2250x575 250L Ф600×1540
FPS-300 3.7 / 4 m² 2510x2814x575 300L Ф600×1780




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