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88 heat pump units with the end fan coil, to meet more than 80,000 square meters of space heating

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In order to implement the concept of green development and practice low-carbon energy saving and emission reduction, China Penglai Innovation and Development Zone adopts Micoe's distributed energy station solution. 88 sets of 50P ultra-low temperature air source heat pump units, combined with end fan coil units, can meet over 80,000 square meters of winter heating, summer cooling and transition season use.


In terms of product configuration, Micoe 50P ultra-low temperature air source heat pump is selected for this set of energy station. This series of products is equipped with ETS 1Hz full DC frequency conversion technology platform, and adopts gas-liquid dual injection technology EVLI, three-valve intercontrol technology TVL, solid-variable coupling fluid-defrosting technology SVCDFD and other core technologies. And through minus 40℃ and snow storm simulation laboratory test, it can be strong heating in the extremely cold high altitude area of -36℃, constant temperature stable operation.


Penglai as a coastal city, the climate is mild and rainy all the year round, the air humidity is high, so in winter and spring under the low temperature, there will be frequent frost phenomenon, causing difficulties to the normal operation of air source heat pump, heating efficiency is greatly reduced. Micoe 50P ultra-low temperature air source heat pump adopts self-developed intelligent defrosting technology.

By detecting its own running time, environmental temperature and outer coil temperature three parameters, it can intelligently judge its own frosting situation and defrost itself, which greatly improves the unit's operating energy efficiency under frosting conditions, improves the unit's low temperature heating performance and ensures indoor constant temperature and comfortable heating.


This system can not only be used as winter heating, in the summer can open the refrigeration mode, the system adopts water cycle refrigeration, compared with the fluorine cycle air conditioning system, the refrigeration is softer, more comfortable.

In addition to the use effect, in terms of noise reduction, Micoe 50P ultra-low temperature air source heat pump adopts external rotor motor and special air duct, which effectively reduces the noise and provides a quiet research and development environment for the innovation and Development Park. It is estimated that 88 Micoe 50P air source heat pumps will save 16.39 million kilowatt hours of electricity for the park every year, and save nearly 10 million electricity costs.


Practice the national double carbon goal and help the low-carbon development of the industry. As a comprehensive service provider of low carbon and clean energy, Micoe has been deeply engaged in the industry for 23 years, integrating air energy, solar energy, photovoltaic and other clean energy technologies and products, and formulating technical and construction professional standards. We provide a series of consulting, planning, design, construction, investment and operation and maintenance services including heating, refrigeration and hot water for building, park and city customers.

With the continuous promotion of low carbon strategy, Micoe is also constantly upgrading its product, technology and engineering service capabilities, committed to providing customers with cleaner and more efficient energy solutions, and shoulder the social responsibility of low carbon emission reduction.



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