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First part of solar energy water heater structure is the heat collecting component: The heat collecting component is a heat collection element in the system. It works like the heating element in the electric water heater. Unlike electric water heater or the gas water heater, the solar energy water heater basically uses the radiation energy, thus it is not able to heat the water unless the solar radiation is strong enough. At present, the most common solar collector tube used in the solar powered water heater in Chinese market is all glass evacuated. Solar energy water heart structure is divided into the outer tube and inner tube, the outer wall of the inner tube is coated with a selective absorbing coating. Solar panel collector plate is coated with black chromium absorbing film, and the heat collecting plate is welded by metal tube. Flat plate collector costs slightly higher than evacuated collector. The flat plate collector showed a rising trend in recent years, it especially has unique advantages in high-rise residential balcony type solar energy water heater.

The thermal insulation water tank: The thermal insulation water tank is a hot water storage container. The heated water must be kept in the tank, thus preventing heat loss. The solar energy water heater capacity refers to the water capacity that can be used in the heater, not including the capacity of vacuum tube that cannot be used. For pressure bearing type solar energy water heater, the capacity refers to the medium capacity that can occur heat exchange. The thermal insulation water tank of solar energy water heater is consisted of the liner, insulation layer and the tank shell. The water tank is an important part for water storage, the material strength and corrosion resistance is very important. There are stainless steel, enamel and other materials on the market. The quality of insulation layer materials has a direct relationship with the insulation effect, it is particularly important in the cold season. Thermal insulation is better than polyurethane foaming thermal insulation. The shell is usually made of color steel plate, galvanized plate or stainless steel plate. Water tank insulation requires good insulation effect, corrosion resistance and water clean.

Bracket: Bracket is the supporting shelf for heat collector and heat insulation water tank. It requires firm structure, high stability, resistance to wind and snow, anti-aging and the ability of not getting rusty. Its material is usually stainless steel, aluminum alloy or steel spray.

Connecting pipes: Solar energy water heater which is also called solar powered water heater is a machine that cold water first enters the water storage tank, and then through the collector will the water be heated and then be transferred to the thermal insulation water tank. Heat storage water tank is connected with the indoor cold, hot water pipeline, thus makes the whole system to form a closed loop. To achieve the best working condition, reasonable design, connecting the solar pipeline right is especially important. Solar pipe must do heat preservation processing, to ensure that users can also use solar energy water heater in the cold winter. solar water heater

Control components: General household solar energy water heater needs to be automatically or semi automatically, so the control system is essential. The commonly used controller is automatically water inflow, and stops water influx when being filled with water. It also displays water temperature and water level, and has electricity leakage protection, anti-dry burning function. With the perfect solar energy heater structure, it is commonly accepted by the majority of the houses.



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