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2013 half year summary and commendation conference of MICOE sales team

On July 3th,2013 half year summary and commendation congress of MICOE sales system was grandly held in Lianyungang base,more than 1400 sales elites from nationwide gathered together to celebrate this conference.

In 2012,the sales quantities of MICOE all glass vacuum tube solar water heater was No.1,which was an important record in MICOE brand creation history. During the first half year of 2013,with the efforts of nationwide salesmen,MICOE still maintained this good momentum of development and won the recognition of market and users,this reunion is the triumph of champion.

Dream in the future,Road under the feet

The CEO and party secretary of Solar East Group Wang Xuchang affirmed and thanked the achievement of the sales team and made an important speech of gratitude is execution,he expressed that the gratitude is own willing from the deep heart and the DNA of happy,happy is the channel to success.If everyone in the team have a heart with gratitude,there will be a field of gratitude,then to be a momentum,after with irresistible force,finally to be success,a big success.

During the summary to achievement of first half year and deployment to the second half year,the director Yang Bing expressed that the No. 1 of MICOE is not only top sales in China and not by chance,it is absolutely No.1 because of the necessity of work.

China has Chinese dream,industry has industry dream,the dream of MICOE is industry revitalization that let solar thermal to be main industry and a pillar of economic development.Becoming to be a strong enterprise with large scale and big strength and competitiveness,to be a outstanding brand with concerned and respected by people,works have happiness and things to do,to be loved and with expectation.

All this root in the champion culture of MICOE,we shall have a purpose,standard and psychology of No.1,we shall believe that even today we are not No.1,we are walking on the road to champion. At present and in the future,MICOE will have a new and larger pattern and platform,dream in the future,road under the feet,hope everyone join hands together to build and pursue our dream.

On July 4th,Chairman Xu Xinjian also made a wonderful speech about the growth of the enterprise staffs and how to create champion culture,Chairman Xu pointed out that managing enterprise is managing the faith of customer to the enterprise,this is the soul of enterprise management.Therefore,the core work of sales managers is to guide the customers to trust our company.Everyone shall not only pay attention to the growth of market,enterprise and brand,but also pay attention to the personal growth.We shall make the enterprise under healthy and sustainable growth in order to let more people on this platform to realize their dreams.The solar thermal dream,the enterprise dream and the staff dream are the kernel to support champion culture.We can not lost because of the result of No.1 in numbers,the key is how to hold No.1 forever. So that we shall keep the No.1’s view,No.1’s standard and No.1’s culture to lead our work in future,facing difficulties leisurely,handling well the relationship between managing enterprise and developing market,handling well the conflict of internal competition,keeping building well own compound ability,and seizing the opportunity to grow and get success in the process of facing and solving the crisis.

Champion Culture Champion Mien

During the first half year conference,ceremony was held to award the teams and individuals that achieve excellent performance in the first half year of 2013.During the outward training of Undergo the most severe trials in next day,every departments fully showed their stopping power of teams,exercised the will and enhanced the cooperation ability.During the celebration activities at seaside in the deep night,the young team of MICOE sent out a youthful vitality,the atmosphere reached a climax.

If youth is used to memories in future,and now youth is to struggle,Along the way,MICOE is willing to share with you a posture of NO.1.

( Scene of 2013 half year summary and commendation conference of MICOE sales team )

( Chairman Xu Xinjian also made a wonderful speech about the growth of the enterprise staffs and how to create champion culture )

( The CEO of Solar East Group Wan Xuchang was making an important speech of gratitude is execution )

( The CEO of MICOE Li Jun was making an speech with subject of Dream in future,Road under feet )

( The director of kitchen electrical project Wu Huimin was making a wonderful speech )

( 15 teams and individuals were awarded with prize of sales champion of first half year )

( The sales team was visiting the world’s most advanced indoor testing laboratory of solar thermal collector system )

( Thousands for MICOE people were under micro public welfare activities on Huaguo Mountain )

( Outward training of climbing the highest peak of Yu Nv Peak\ in Jiangsu to enhance the cooperation ability of team )

( Thousands of people was walking fire road to enhance own will )

( MICOE teams were sending out youthful vitality at seaside celebration )



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