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​What is the definition of an all-in-one heat pump?

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The all-in-one heat pump is a water heater that can provide the whole family with different hot water needs with large water volume, high water pressure, and constant temperature 24 hours a day, while consuming the least energy to complete the above requirements.


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The working principle of the all-in-one heat pump

Features of all-in-one heat pump

Instructions for use of all-in-one heat pump

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The working principle of the all-in-one heat pump

A complete all-in-one heat pump consists of 2 main parts: Manufacture the air-conditioning part and the heating hot water part. But in fact, these two parts are closely linked, inseparable, and must work at the same time. That is, while heating hot water, it cools the kitchen. In other words, while refrigerating the kitchen, it is also heating hot water.

Its internal structure is mainly composed of four core components: compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator.

The working process is as follows: the compressor compresses the returning low-pressure refrigerant and turns it into high-temperature and high-pressure gas and discharges it. The high-temperature and high-pressure refrigerant gas flow through the copper pipe wound outside 

the water tank, and the heat is transferred to the water tank through the copper pipe to cool down. The down refrigerant becomes liquid under the continuous action of pressure. After passing through the expansion valve, it enters the evaporator. Because the pressure of the evaporator drops suddenly, the liquid refrigerant quickly evaporates and becomes a gaseous state, and absorbs a lot of heat. At the same time, under the action of the fan, a large amount of air flows through the outer surface of the evaporator, and the energy in the air is absorbed by the evaporator, and the temperature of the airdrops rapidly, turning into the cold air and discharged into the kitchen. Then the refrigerant that has absorbed a certain amount of energy flows back to the compressor and enters the next cycle.

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Features of all-in-one heat pump

1. Safety, because it is not directly heated by electric heating elements, compared with electric water heaters, it eliminates the potential safety hazards of electricity leakage; Compared with gas water heaters, there are no safety hazards such as gas leakage or carbon monoxide poisoning, so it has better safety performance.

2. Comfortable, the all-in-one heat pump is a heat storage type. The heating function is automatically activated according to the temperature in the water tank to ensure a sufficient supply of hot water for 24 hours. Therefore, there will be no problems that cannot satisfy multiple taps at the same time like a gas water heater. The problem is that the electric water heater has a small capacity and many people need to wait for a bath.

3. Save money, because its power consumption is only a quarter of that of an equivalent electric water heater, which is equivalent to using the same amount of hot water, using an all-in-one heat pump, and the electricity bill is only a quarter of the electric heating.

4. Kitchen refrigeration, is the biggest advantage, ordinary water heaters simply cannot have the function of refrigeration. If the kitchen needs additional cooling function, you need to buy a kitchen air conditioner. Because the kitchen has oily fume, it is a special environment, so the kitchen air conditioner is different from the ordinary air conditioner, and the price is much more expensive.

5. Green and environmentally friendly, the gas water heater heats hot water by burning combustible gas, and at the same time emits a large amount of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other harmful exhaust gas. The all-in-one heat pump just transfers the heat from the surrounding air to the water, completely achieving zero emissions, and has almost no impact on the environment. It is a true environmentally friendly water heater.

6. Low-carbon fashion, as energy-saving and emission reduction, has become the trend of the times, saving energy and reducing carbon emissions is the most fashionable way of life.

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Instructions for use of all-in-one heat pump

Installation: The all-in-one heat pump is usually installed on the balcony of the kitchen, and the air outlet is connected with the kitchen through the air duct so that the cold air blown out can directly enter the kitchen to achieve the cooling effect. During installation, only the hot and cold water outlets are connected with the reserved hot and cold water in the house, and they can be used by connecting them. The installation is very simple.

Operation: All-in-one heat pumps mostly use microcomputer intelligent controllers, which have time setting, timing switch function, water temperature setting, ventilation setting, overheating protection, and other intelligent control functions. However, most of the functions have been set by the manufacturer at the factory. Just use the default values. Basically, you only need to set the temperature you need (usually set at 45-50 degrees) and you can use it.

It is the responsibility of each manufacturer to produce an industrial all-in-one heat pump that meets the standards, so as to ensure the safety of the use of all-in-one heat pumps and the healthy development of the all-in-one heat pump market. MICOE many tests on all-in-one heat pumps before they leave the factory, and the quality qualification rate is guaranteed. If you are in the all-in-one heat pump business, you can consider our cost-effective products.



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