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​What are the different types of all-in-one heat pumps in the market?

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The application of an all-in-one heat pump is the best solution for a centralized hot water supply system for large, medium, and small hot water in school dormitory, hotel, bath center, and other places. The use of an all-in-one heat pump is very wide, similar to an air source heat pump, which operation principle is a little different. The main object is some places where the group lives, so the quality of all-in-one heat pumps is very important. Then, let’s introduce some details about all-in-one heat pumps.

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What are the different types of all-in-one heat pumps in the market?

What is the operation principle of an all-in-one heat pump?

What are the advantages of an all-in-one heat pump?

What are the different types of All-in-one heat pumps?

There are many kinds of all-in-one heat pump water heaters on the market, including three series of a solar energy booster, water source, and air source. A solar-powered heat pump is a kind of heat pump technology that combines heat pump and solar energy technology. Water source heat pump is the use of a certain temperature of water (above 20℃) as a heat source with refrigerant as the medium, the heat in the water source after absorption by the compressor compression heating, heat exchange through the heat exchanger and cold water to achieve the purpose of heating and making hot water. The water source heat pump must have a certain temperature and flow of the source. Air source heat pumps heat water by obtaining heat from the air in a similar way to water source heat pumps. Among the three heat pumps, the air source heat pump is subject to the least condition limitation and the largest development space.

all-in-one heat pump

What is the operation principle of an all-in-one heat pump?

All in one heat pump is the use of the inverse Carnot principle, through the medium, the heat from the low-temperature objects to high-temperature water equipment. Heat pump device, can make the medium (refrigerant) phase change, become lower than the low-temperature heat source, to spontaneously absorb the heat of the low-temperature heat source; Back to the compressor after the medium, and is compressed into high temperature (higher than high-temperature water) high-pressure gas, so that the spontaneous release of heat to high- temperature heat source; Realize from the low-temperature heat source "transport" heat to high-temperature heat source.

What are the advantages of an all-in-one heat pump?

The first and the very important one is safety. The all-in-one heat pump’s air tank is made of SU/B304 food-grade stainless steel. In the process of water heating, there is a complete separation of water and electricity. And secondly, is it environmentally friendly? Yes, for sure. All in one heat pumps can save solar energy effect is good, save electricity. Its power consumption is the same capacity as electric water heater 1/4, gas water heater 1/3. The third one is good for the customer, easy to install: The all-in-one heat pump is a clever combination of the heating host and the air energy storage tank in the installation is simple, convenient, and does not need professional personnel. Furthermore, all in one heat pump in terms of appearance, it can be customized according to the user's preferences, such as cylindrical, cabinet, bedroom cabinet, wall hanging, since you can put it a suitable place in your home, as long as it can fit in.

Compared with the traditional water heater, this all-in-one heat pump will be more environmentally friendly, more in line with the living standards of modern people, and better meet the needs of people. If you are in an all-in-one heat pump business, you can consider our cost-effective products.



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