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Micoe Lhasa Base Large Flat Plate Solar Collector Is in Place

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Micoe Lhasa Base Large Flat Plate Solar Collector Is in Place

On December 22, the completion and commissioning ceremony of Micoe large flat-plate solar collector project was successfully held in Lhasa Industrial Center.

At the meeting, Director of Lhasa Economic Development Zone Chen Zhihai delivered an important speech. Director Chen affirmed the contribution made by Micoe to The cleaning and heating of Tibet, and also spoke highly of the strategic cooperation between Micoe and Tibet Vocational and Technical College on the employment of graduates. Director Chen said, looking forward to the production of Micoe factory can promote the training of local talents in Tibet, the development of local economy and social progress play a positive role.


Micoe Lhasa base large flat plate solar collector project production ceremony

Xu Xinjian, chairman of Micoe delivered a keynote speech and announced the completion and production of Micoe flat plate solar collector factory. Chairman of the board pointed out that, for a long time, the Headquarters of the economic development area of Lhasa gave great support and help to the development of Micoe. In the future, we will further recruit local talents to promote local economic development and social progress. This is a powerful measure for us to give back to the society and the leaders of the Lhasa Economic development Area for their support.


The world's first large plate automatic production line product rolling off the line ceremony

Subsequently, under the joint witness of the leaders, guests and media, the world's first large automatic plate production line products officially rolled off the production line. The smooth holding of this ceremony marks the world's first large-scale automatic flat panel production line was officially put into operation, and also marks the official launch of another milestone project of the Micoe ‘Rooted in Tibet to serve Tibet for 50 years’.



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