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​Do you know about all in one heat pump?

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All-in-one heat pump is an all-in-one machine for indoor hot water. The all-in-one heat pump generally has the functions of fresh air exhaust and heat recovery, that's why they call it the five in one. Air source heat pump is one of the heat pump.

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What is the working principle of the all-in-one heat pump?

The basic principle of an air source heat pump

All-in-one heat pump expansion data

All-in-one heat pump 1

What is the working principle of the all-in-one heat pump?

Just as water flows from high to low, heat always flows from high temperature to low temperature. But people can create all-in-one heat pump machines, just like using a water pump to lift water from a low place to a high place, using a heat pump can pump heat from low temperature to high temperature. Therefore, the all-in-one heat pump is essentially a heat-lifting device. It consumes part of the energy itself, excavates the energy stored in the environmental medium, and raises the temperature for use. The work consumed by the entire heat pump device is only for the heat supply. One-third or less, which is also the energy-saving feature of all-in-one heat pumps.

All-in-one heat pump 2

The basic principle of an air source heat pump

The air source heat pump is mainly composed of a compressor, heat exchanger, axial fan, heat preservation water tank, water pump, liquid storage tank, filter, electronic expansion valve, and electronic automatic controller.

After the power is turned on, the axial fan of the all-in-one heat pump starts to run, and the outdoor air exchanges heat through the evaporator. The air after the temperature is lowered is discharged from the system by the fan. At the same time, the working fluid inside the evaporator absorbs heat and vaporizes, and is sucked into the compressor, The compressor compresses this low-pressure working medium gas into high-temperature, high-pressure gas and sends it to the condenser of the all-in-one heat pump. The water forced to circulate by the water pump also passes through the condenser and is heated by the working medium and sent to the user.

The working fluid is cooled into a liquid, and the liquid flows into the all-in-one heat pump evaporator again after being throttled and cooled by the expansion valve. In this way, the heat energy in the air is continuously "pumped" to the water to make the water temperature in the heat preservation tank It gradually rises, and finally reaches about 55°C, which is just suitable for people to take a bath. This is the basic working principle of the air source heat pump water heater.

All-in-one heat pump 3

All-in-one heat pump expansion data

A heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from a low-temperature heat source to a high-temperature heat source. All-in-one heat pumps are usually used for indoor hot water all-in-one machines.

The low-temperature heat source of the heat pump device is the surrounding medium air, river water, seawater, groundwater, etc. These working fluids often have a temperature similar to the surrounding medium.

To learn more about the all-in-one heat pump, read our article.

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