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On November 12th, the solar thermal seasonal storage and heating application technology seminar, jointly held by the China Renewable Energy Society Solar Building Committee and the China Solar Thermal Utilization Industry Alliance, was held in Shijiazhuang of Hebei province. The reporter learned that the largest solar thermal seasonal storage and heating project in China, namely the solar thermal seasonal storage, heating and hot water integrated demonstration project of Hebei University of Economic and business, has been completed, which indicates that the China’s solar thermal industry has entered the heating Industrial upgrading stage from the hot solar water heating system application era.

The project was designed by Micoe Solar Energy, the sole listed company in China Solar Thermal Industry. It was invested with 70 million RMB, with overall collecting area 11600 Square Meters, using 69000 pieces of vacuum tubes and 228 eighty-nine Tons water tanks. The total heat storage capacity reaches 20000 Tons.

In the aspect of energy saving and emission reduction, given a 15 years’ service life of the solar thermal storage system, this project can reduce 27,000 tons of CO2 emission, save electricity for 7,000,000 degrees and standard coal for 9,464 tons, after reducing the heat loss in non-heating seasons, said by Zhang Xinyu ,the deputy chief engineer in Beijing of the National Solar Water Heater Quality Supervision and Inspection Center.

It is understood that this project is the first and the national biggest solar thermal seasonal storage, heating and hot water integrated application project in China solar thermal industry. From providing solar energy heater solution to heat supply, said by the President of Micoe Solar Lijun, it is not only a revolutionary progress in solar thermal application field, but also marks that the China’s solar thermal industry has entered the heating stage from the hot water system application era.

As a clean and renewable energy source, solar energy is distributed widely, however, solar energy is easier to be influenced of season and weather, and stored energy has the characteristics of instability and discontinuity. To ensure stable and efficient operation of solar thermal utilization, the system needs storage devices to collect solar energy. It is introduced that this project will collect heating energy to water tank in non- heating season, and till heating season coming, to extract heating energy stored in the water tank by the way of heat exchanger to provide heating energy for teaching building or dormitory of school etc.

At the seminar, Xie Guangming, the executive vice director of China Solar Thermal Utilization Industry Alliance, stated that in recent years, solar heating is growing in a rapid speed during the developed countries in Europe, such as Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, where the market shares of solar heating system have reached to 20%~50%. In Germany, only solar heating collector system used for heating usage can share government subsidies, this policy has greatly stimulated the installation capacities of solar thermal systems.

Xie Guangming stated, with the development of urbanization construction of our country and the implementation of energy-saving and emission reduction policies, green building, low-carbon building, new rural demonstration projects will be more and more, solar heating also will be more and more widely and especially applied in most of south and north zones, where there are no centralized heating pipelines, and solar heating has greatly wide fields in these regional buildings and individual buildings, in turn, the urbanization greatly enhances the industrialization and scale development of the solar heating applications.

In technical terms, solar heating solutions are various due to different regions and subjects. Related principals from Micoe expressed that Micoe is fully capable to provide auxiliary energy hot water and heating integrated solutions integrated with solar thermal, electric energy, air source and fuel gas and so on to meet clients’ needs from different regions and markets.



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