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Why Micoe

Micoe, as an international company, is specialized in researching and providing solar thermal systems for residential, commercial and industrial appliances around the world. Micoe is also the professional technology and service supplier of solar thermal energy and air energy. Micoe business ranges cover research and development, manufacturing, sales and technical services for the solar thermal products such as solar water heating , solar hot water heater system , solar heating system , etc. as well as the air energy and its related products.

As a cooperative partner of China Space and the first public company in China solar thermal industry(Stock Code:603366), as well as a China Famous Brand, Micoe has been devoting to the technology research, production and marketing of the solar energy products, air energy products and other new energy products. So far Micoe has successfully provided solar hot water solutions for over 100 countries and regions.

Micoe has been actively promoting the comprehensive and excellent quality & environmental management systems, and has obtained more than 50 product certificates of EU, Korea, Australia, South Africa, USA etc.

In the field of product testing, Micoe has established the world leading indoor and outdoor test center, and matched more than 40 laboratory including “Man-made sun” which is solar indoor simulator cooperation with Germany in 2012, solar water heater and solar system testing, medium temperature solar collector test, heat pump performance test, solar collector element test, heat pipe element test, electrical components test, raw materials test and so on, the area of outdoor test site reach 3,000m2, and have thousands of detection items containing compacted solar water heater, solar collector, raw materials etc. Especially in 2009, cooperation with Germany national ITW test center, Micoe became the first enterprise that instructed Germany original solar geyser systems detection line in China. In 2002, by cooperating with international and well-known solar energy research institute, Germany Fraunhofer ISE & PSE AG company, Micoe researched and developed “Man-made sun” which has become the most advance world-class testing standards and opened up elaborative era in China solar thermal industry.

In 2009, Micoe acted as a pioneer in importing the world advanced circular automatic solar vacuum tube exhausting production line, independently developed the  continuous coating technology for Heating Units with 3 Units and 4 Locks, and actualized the integrated production of the whole industry chain in the same industrial park. Micoe is the sole enterprise in the world which owns the production capacity of all kinds of the products in China solar thermal industry.

Those global customers of Micoe can enjoy professional and guaranteed customer service, and the persons in charge of particular regional business can provide you with exclusive service during the whole sales process, meanwhile the regional sale manager will accompany you and provide professional solutions for you.

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