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Working Principle of Vacuum Tube You Need to Know

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Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he tried to light in 1883, when he found a piece of metal insert the light bulb filament light caused by the current flow of metal wire. Edison doesn’t know how to deal with this discovery, but in 1904, the British Sir John Fleming applies this subject and invented the first vacuum tubes.

Read to identify tube type, it is printed on glass tube itself. The name usually consists of Numbers and letters. Most, but not all, they are "heater" or filament light 6 or 12 volts ac (alternating current). There are exceptions, but needed for the identification of the main pipe is usually filament voltage. Especially, if the number is 12 or less. For example, Harvard 6 tube need filament voltage v, and 12 ax7 need 12v. Generally speaking, 6 or 12 v voltage is the most common. Of course the need for a solar water heater collector particular tube filament voltage, the use of the design of the pipe reference and reference.

Find a filament password using data table in vacuum tube working principle you tube reference manual. Tube manufacturers, such as ABC, publishing books display tube pin configuration. The bottom of the tube with different number of pins connected to the outside world. Small tube usually 7-9 needles or base. Generally large tube octal base is a plastic "key", the basis of suitable for solar geyser evacuated tube socket. This ensures that pin positioning of the foundation. Clockwise needle number and check the vacuum tube working principle from the bottom. Pin # 1 first and then clockwise through the entire needle. Use the data table to determine the two pins of the filament. Pins 2 and 7, for example, Harvard six silk, connected to the power of a popular tube in tube using guitar amplifier.

Insert tube of the tube socket project style, the basis of the tube. This will make it easier to make thread joining. Weld the leadership of the secondary step-down transformer two filament pins. The output voltage of the transformer must match the required filament voltage (6 v, 12v). A winding transformer should be inserted into a 120 volt ac socket. Be careful when you work with line level voltage. If there is no line transformer cable and plug on the primary server, solder light line with black Lord and electrical insulation tape. AC plug in the end of the line cable has a variety of different installation configuration. One of the most simple line cables is through the opening, and the metal contact pressure through the cable insulation. Your local hardware store can help you select and install the plug. Filament tube is now ready to ignite.

Connect your tank of solar heat collector cold water, such as your home water pipe. Run a hose or PVC tube cold water at the bottom of the tank. The pipeline would be added to the water tank with hot water. Your tank will include a system, similar to the mechanism used in toilet, open the valve and tank. The fourth vacuum tube working principle connecting pipe you want to draw water from water tank of the tube. The solar water heater tank includes four tubes, two connected to the system and connected to the incoming and outgoing flow.

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