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Something about Heat Pipe Design You Need to Know

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Heat pipe design technology is widely used in aerospace, military and other industries, in front of manufacturing industry since the introduction of the radiator, it has changed the traditional radiator design ideas, get rid of relying on a high air flow better motor cooling effect of the single cooling mode, the radiator heat pipe technology allows the use of low speed, even low airflow movement, is also a satisfactory result, make the troubled air-cooled thermal noise problem has been solved, open a new world refrigeration industry.

From the point of view of solar water heater china, why heat pipe heat capacity will have such a good? The endothermic heat is relative, temperature difference exists, and the phenomenon is by heat from high to low temperatures. At the ends of the heat pipe is the use of evaporative cooling, heat pipe temperature difference is very big, so heat conduction quickly. Generally by the shell and tube heat pipe, the wick and cap component. Heat pipe is evacuated to a vacuum, filling to the appropriate heat pipe design liquid, low boiling point liquid, volatile. The wall has a core, made up of capillary porous materials. Condensing side, on the other end of the heat pipe evaporator side, at the end of the tube, capillary liquid evaporation rapidly, the other end of the steam flow in the small pressure difference, and heat release, condenses into liquid, liquid along the porous materials in the capillary force back on evaporator side effects, such as forever, and one end of the heat pipe heat transfer heat from the other end. This cycle is fast, thermal conductivity could be endless.

Heating part of the heat pipe evaporator, working fluid evaporation mound heating, heat can be taken away, the latent heat of vaporization heat of steam condenser section of the working fluid in central channel into the heat pipe, condensation, the release of latent heat, the liquid back to the evaporator section under capillary force. This completes a closed loop, the transfer of heat to heat cooling part of the part.

Part lower heating part, cooling, heat pipe is vertically solar energy water heater china, flow of working fluid by gravity enough to meet, not die capillary structure, mold without porous body called heat pipe thermal siphon. Mainly in the heat pipe working solar water heater china fluid by steam, liquid stage change heat broadcast, and thermal resistance is very small, it has a high heat capacity. By contrast, silver, copper, aluminum and other metal, unit weight of the pipe can be several orders of magnitude more heat pipe design. There are, of course, relatively high coefficient of thermal conductivity, the temperature difference is always present, can not violate the second law of thermodynamics and heat pipe heat transfer capability is limited by various factors, some transfer limit; Heat pipe of the axial thermal conductivity is strong, not obviously improve the radial direction (except the radial heat pipe thermal solar collector).

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