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How do You Use the Solar Energy Water Heater

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Actually was not a bit strange, don't know how to use the solar geyser; the reason is that the solar industry, now update time is shortened, high-tech products has been change to upgrade. Sijimicoe solar is human nature, it is in the process of the development of its own products and continuous technical improvement, make everyone to know the right way of solar geyser, and services to the public. Sijimicoe, with its advanced technology, to streamline the system, the sijimicoe has unique full automatic control system, waterproof, prevent electric, realized the perfect combination of humanity and intelligence, bring you an unprecedented enjoy bath, easily meet the needs of the family of hot water. Sijimicoe by using the principle of the space adiabatic, launched "adiabatic cabin" technology, water tank insulation layer using ACRI adiabatic material, effectively block the heat loss. Three-dimensional overall foam insulation layer using polyurethane 360 degrees, a molding to ensure insulation layer is suitable for all kinds of bad environment. Equipped with photoelectric complementary function, even rainy day in a row, can guarantee the supply of solar hot water heater.

Since becoming China's space industry partners, the sijimicoe has been trying to promote space knowledge. For many years, the sijimicoe, as always, support the development of space, the sijimicoe had a duty to also have the responsibility to popularize knowledge of space science, attention and support the work space, inherit and carry forward the spirit of space. Site as host to see a satellite launch, a Childers's aerospace painting contest, sponsored published aviation books, nationwide space science tour activities, and so on.

Today, the sijimicoe service not only in space, will also be space quality in the production of injection products, create high-quality national brand. Produced has the quality of space solar geyser, it is the responsibility of the sijimicoe; Transfer space knowledge, cultivate people's passion for space, is the mission of the sijimicoe. What is vacuum tube? Is a kind of electronic components, control the flow of electrons in the circuit? Participate in the work electrode is encapsulated in a vacuum tube (tube wall is mostly for glass), thus its name [1].In mainland China, vacuum tubes are referred to as the "tube”. In Hong Kong and Guangdong area in China, vacuum tube and sometimes referred to as "bravery”. In general vacuum tube is a vacuum. But in addition to the development does not necessarily: have a gas-filled shock tube, inflatable stabilization and mercury rectifier.

Before the middle of the 20th century, because of the semiconductor has not yet universal,then basically all electronic equipment,by the use of vacuum tubes, formed when the demand for vacuum tubes. But in the development of semiconductor technology popularization and civilian, vacuum tube with high cost, not durable, large size, low efficiency reasons, finally replaced by the semiconductor. But can be in stereo expanding machine, microwave and satellite high-frequency transmitter saw the figure of vacuum tube; many sound special use vacuum tube because of its special sound quality, in the sound, the old vacuum tubes often coexist with the latest digital IC. Part of twenty-five to prevent enemy fighters such as mug put on electromagnetic pulse interference, power electronic devices also adopts vacuum tube to make it up to kW above in order to burn out a channel. In addition, such as TV sets and computers in the CRT display cathode ray tube and the X ray tube of X-ray machine is belong to special vacuum tubes.

For high power amplifier (such as millions of watts radio) and satellite (microwave high power), high power vacuum tube and the traveling wave tube is still the only option. For high frequency welding machine and the X-ray machine, it is still the mainstream device. May you has the answer to what is solar vacuum tube and the solar geyser.

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