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2016 Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises Ceremony, MICOE Kept First Place In The Solar Thermal Industry

On December 6, The Global Top 500 New Energy Enterprises Ceremony Was Announced In WuHan ,China.MICOE Ranked 164th In the List And Kept First Place In The Solar Thermal Industry. At The Same time ,Micoe Won…

Excellent Pre-Heating Solar Geyser Design

As time moves on, more advanced pre-heating solar geyser design has developed in order to meet market needs. An excellent pre-heating solar geyser design must including following features, including easy…

Advantages of Solar Hot Water Heater System

Flat plate solar water heater invention has received a survey after the end of the study period. The primary scope is the same even under uncertainty management and relies on…

China Green Company Alliance Overseas Study,The CEO of MICOE Mr Li Met With Swedish Prime Minister

On September 11th,The Chairman of the China Entrepreneurs Club, the former China Merchants Bank President Mr Ma led by the 30 well-known Chinese entrepreneurs, executives of the Chinese Green Company…