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Pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater


Pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater

Pressurized Flat Plate Solar Water Heater high power collector  easy installation

Product Description

1) Modular system is easy for transport and installation

2) Tank in 150/300 liter version with optimized heat insulation

3) Woven toughened solar safety glass

4) Qualified and recyclable materials ensure a long service life and high environmental compatibility

5) Maximum heat transfer between the absorber sheet and the header tubes thanks to optimized brazing or laser welding technology

6) Statically tested mounting solar collector system can be installed on flat roofs

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Type Area
( ㎡ )
Gross wet(kg) Tank capacity(L) Number of collectors 20GP/40GP/40HC
loading Qty(sets)
PFPS 1150 1.8 2000×1000×80 64 150 1 36/75/87
PFPS 1300 3.6 2000×1000×80 120 300 2 19/39/45