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KFX series vertical unit


KFX series vertical unit

Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater KFX Series Vertical Unit

Product Description


Available on every market ,the wide range of MICOE KFC/KX series air to water heat pump products can fulfill an infinite variety of hot water or heating requirements,in both private  and professional applications .whether for single family homes ,multi-storey residential buildings or hotels,athletic facilities,schools,hospitals or agricultural applications.

Key Features And Benefits:

1)Environmental -friendly refrigerant R410a gas ,zero ODP;

2)Copeland Wilo or Denmark Grundfos water pump in side (optional);

3)High efficient shell heat exchanger applied ,double-wall heat exchanger available;

4)Anti-rusty casing and evaporator suitable for outdoor and sea place ;

5)CB/CE certification;

6)Modular control up to 16 units.

Model No. KFXRSC-019/II MN1 KFXRSC-042/II MN1 II
SAP 31040007000001 31040007000002
Test Condition Ambient temp.(DB/WB):20℃/15℃,water temp.(in/out):15℃/55℃
Rated Water Heating Capacity KW 18.5 42
Input Power KW 4.4 10
COP KW/KW 4.2 4.2
Packing Information
Net.Weight KG 160 300
Unit Dimension mm 805X663X1050 995X900X1785
Packing Size mm 875X723X1125 1100X1000X1935