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KFC-Y series horizontal unit


KFC-Y series horizontal unit

Swimming Pool Heat Pump KFC-Y series horizontal unit

Product Description


MICOE KFY series swimming pool heat pumps are mainly designed for family and spa market ,horizontal type is very popular .For commercial market ,MICOE will consider vertical type similar to air to water heat pump design.

Key  Features And Benefits:

1)  100% pure titanium heat exchanger;

2) Environmental friendly R410A gas;

3) Compact design for convenient connection;

4)Panasonic compressor ,super quiet operation ;

5) Anti-rusty casing design ,plastic cover optional;

6) Higher performance than industry export level;

7) Heating or cooling available;

8) CE certification.

Model No. KFC-3.5YM I KFC-4.5YM I KFC-6.5YM I KFC-11YM I
SAP 31120001000001 31120002000001 31120003000001 31120004000000
Test Condition Ambient temp.(DB/WB):20℃/15℃,water temp.(in/out):15℃/55℃
Heating Capacity(KW) 4.0 5.0 7.2 11.0
Heating Input Power(KW) 800 1000 1440 2155
COP(W/W) 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.1
Packing Information
N.W.(KG) 50 55 70 80
G.W.(KG) 55 60 75 85
Unit Dimension(mm) 936x385x550 936x385x550 1011x420x614 936x420x800
Packing Dimension(mm) 986x535x620 986x535x620 1060x470x684 986x470x870