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Micoe History

Year 2000:

On 15th December, Micoe solar energy was established at the Science Park in Zhongguan Village, Changping District of Beijing . In the same year, the first Micoe solar water heater was manufactured.

Year 2001:

In April, cooperating with Peking University and applying the advanced technologies of New-Energy Research Center of Peking University, Micoe products have came up in the domestic markets.

In May, the slogan “good tube works well ” and the Monkey King icon have been widely recognized by extensive customers, Micoe is the first one in the industry employing the public-relations companies.

Year 2002:

In March, Micoe launched an advertising in CCTV “Oriental Horizon” program “the new energy, easily every day” which got strong responses from the market, from then on, Micoe has become a well-known brand in the domestic solar industry .

In May, Micoe independently developed the heat pipe tube which fills in the technology gaps in this field in China and the pressure solar water heaters, which meets the Australian National standards.

Year 2003:

In February, Micoe launched three-target high temperature tube by introducing the technology of New-Energy Research Center of Peking University, which has become the most competitive core technology.

In May, Micoe donated a big fortune during SARS period.

In October, Micoe Shanghai International Trade Department was established.

In November, Micoe solely funded the establishment of “Peking University Micoe Scholarship”.

Year 2004:

In January, bringing out a new product “Ice&Fire” as well as advertising in CCTV channel 5 “Sports World” and taking advantage of the Athens Olympic Games, Micoe products are quickly popular all over China.

Year 2005:

In January, Micoe new plant officially was put into operation in Jiangsu Province.

Year 2006:

In March, Micoe got the “CGC-SOLAR” certification , the first one in the industry.

In December, Micoe 1st Distributors’ Annual Meeting was successfully held in Peking university.

Year 2007:

On 14th January, Micoe Jiangsu solar energy Industrial Park was founded.

On 26th January, Micoe was the only “China’s Space Industry Partners” in the industry.

On 26th January, Micoe dealer conference of flying series solar energy held at Yingjie Exchange Center of Peking university.

In May, cooperating with World TOP 500 company Honeywell , Micoe built the world’s first green fluorine-free production line of foaming .

In June, Micoe successful got herself listed as one of the only two members of the world solar energy society, in the same year, Micoe was the gold sponsor for the 2007 Beijing world Solar Energy Congress!

In August, Micoe U type tube collector got the Solar-Keymark certification.

In October, Micoe got the Kangju certification issued by MOHURD with products no defect when tested.

Year 2008:

In April, Micoe was rated as Famous TradeMark by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce.

In May, Micoe donated 7 solar shower booths for the Wenchuan earthquake disaster areas.

In September, taking advantage of the launching of Shenzhou Seven spaceship , Micoe got widely reported by the People’s Daily and other media.

In December, Micoe was the only one who won the only China Solar Energy Industry Iconic Brand in 2008 .

Year 2009:

In April, Luoyang 450000000 yuan investment was put into the construction of production base of 1000000 solar water heaters, which opened a new era of the integration and layout of solar energy industry.

In April, fully automatic solar thermal products came out, Micoe leads a new life.

In April, Micoe became the first one in the industry won the Home Appliances To Countryside” throughout 31 provinces and cities.

In November, Micoe won the bids of three Golden Advertising resources from CCTV with 226400000 Yuan, Weather Forecast, Weather Forecast on 1+1 and Morning News. In the same year, Micoe released a green manifesto, leading the industry to the new era of low carbon!

Year 2010:

In March, Micoe launched the “hot house” service brand and strives to create a warmer and safer life for users.

In May, Micoe solely attended the bid of the USA Pavilion and Information Communication Center at Expo 2010 Shanghai, achievements of the world height.

On 24th August, CEO Li Jun was elected as the member of the Eleventh Committee of China Youth Federation Member.

In November, the production lines with annual production capacity of 400000 square meters of flat plate solar systems were formally completed and put into production in Lianyungang base .

On 8th November, Micoe got two years’ consecutive advertising on CCTV “Morning News” golden resources and the Weather Forecast section resources.

On 9th November, the No.1 furnace of borosilicate glass tube was fired in Luoyang Factory, which enables Micoe in the solar industry the first one to achieve a complete industrial chain.

Year 2011:

In April, Micoe signed Ningxia world trade City 500000 square meters of solar energy demonstration area, made a largest scale solar project. In the same month, Micoe successfully won the bid of the first global network of solar hot water project — the Wuxi love family residential. Micoe became the first to introduce Internet technology universal remote control technology into the solar industry.

On 2nd April, Micoe won the fifth “National Customer Service Top Ten ” title.

On 3rd may, Micoe officially worked with the international well-known software provider SAP corporation, the introduction of advanced ERP management software.

In August, “Micoe Cup”, “Shenzhou Eight Spaceship · Rendezvous Dream” large public solicitation, was officially held in Beijing city. Hero Yang Li Wei was the first one to write dream, nearly 22000000 people around the world participated in this activity.

In August, through the strategy of “city water bank”, with the new technology and new product, Micoe provides comprehensive energy integrated system solutions and one-stop service for customers to meet a full range of hot water and space heating needs on the civil, commercial, industrial applications.

In November, the Shenzhou Eight spaceship launched and successfully docked with the Tiangong-1. Micoe Million People’s dream cards, Micoe banner, Micoe automatic chip, aerospace coating film, green fluorine-free foaming material flied along with the spaceship.

Year 2012:

2nd February, Micoe president was invited to have dining talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

On 8th April, Micoe was elected vice chairman of the Jiangsu chamber of Commerce in Shenzhen.

On 20th April, Micoe become China’s National Cycling Team Strategic partners, opening a new way of city low carbon life.

On 10th May, Micoe held hands with One Fund donated solar hot water heater systems to Wenchuan boarding school.

On 21st May, Solareast Micoe solar A shares was listed on the main board in Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming the first share in China solar thermal industry.

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